.30 Air Gun Squirrel Hunting

.30 Air Gun Squirrel Hunting


My .30 Flex takes it first squirrels. These are also the first squirrels of the 2016 season. Link to the scope cam mount I’m using:


  1. drale savicevic

    long talking doing nothing shit

  2. Great vids maybe can you help my channel out please thanks

  3. respect for honest hunting

  4. I applaud your ability to not get caught up in the moment, but to take careful consideration of your backstop and what is beyond your target. Nice video. Great shooting. I love North Central Florida

  5. BeratAnıL GÜLEN

    Vurdun da ne oldu amk oğlu

  6. .30 is like 338lapua magnum for squirrels

  7. You’ll be shut down soon. Put your channel off before youtube gets you. First. The bastards are targeting airgun channels now

  8. Peter Fredrickson

    those arguing if a 30 is over kill? get over it man, the caliber allows longer shots, more effective body shots, practice for taking larger game. Jesus, he is outdoors enjoying life doing some hunting.

  9. Great shooting. You pull fast, dont fuck around lol i like that.

  10. How many squirrels do you need for a full meal for a full grown adult? Last time i hunted one there was not much meat on them

  11. Reds ? your shooting reds ..Thought you could only shoot the greys

  12. Vale verga este hijo de puta….mata por puro placer.

  13. 0riginal _Panda_Child

    That's overkill

  14. Are you eating the squirrel you killed?

  15. Fabrizio Falancia

    Spero qualcuno spari a te ….. PEZZO DI MERDA !!!

  16. Jesus! Thought the squirrels head was blown off before slow mo

  17. Cousin vs Cousin

    0:57 I think he shot his head off

  18. Stoopeddddddd

  19. If you wont stopp shoot i will shoot you

  20. You ar relally stupid in you you are bitch and peder alien

  21. Hy my name is Larry

  22. What's a squuuurl, fucking lazy speaking yanks…

  23. you are a big asshole… kill the animals, why ? use a paper target !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. great video man

  25. That’s as loud as a .22 lr

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