5 Chilling TRUE Hunting Stories – Darkness Prevails

5 Chilling TRUE Hunting Stories – Darkness Prevails


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Enjoy these true stories from hunters and the things they’ve seen in the forest!

Please watch: “5 REAL Life Haunted Houses”

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5 Chilling TRUE Hunting Stories – Darkness Prevails

Darkness Prevails
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  1. Timestamps in case you got lost… (Otherwise, watch the intro 😉 Papa Darkness always got a message)

    1- 1:26 – They Followed Us – by Steven S.

    2- 14:38 – I Ran into the Mogollon Monster – by Kyle J.

    3- 17:36 – Stalked by a Mountain Lion – by Matthew L.

    4- 22:00 – Bigfoot Encounter While Hunting – by Mistery Man

    5- 24:29 – Bigfooted Freak Stalking Me – The Falling Creature

  2. joseph hopeless

    24:43 …THANK YOU for clearing up this rumor! I've been saying it for years: Bigfoot is, in fact, a Pedophile mall stalker! Thank you for having the courage to say what I've known for years ^_^

  3. Squating skinwalkers ? Neat.

  4. The amount of ads is more fucking scary than any of the stories here…

  5. I recently started listening to you. I was happy to hear you're from Arkansas. I am as well. I enjoy listening to your stories.

  6. "Mow Gee On" lol Its ok hardly anyone pronounces it right lol

  7. 568

  8. Pheasant hunting in the woods with a Remington 700? Now I've heard everything

  9. Kirsten Ferguson

    Darkness prevails constantly in my life I wouldnt have it any other way u big hunk xxx

  10. Those who love hunting I don't mind if they get hunted cos they asking for it.

  11. You sound like David Bateson,aka Agent 47 .

  12. 平池आकांक्षा

    so you see foot prints "almost" over your own and you thought it was running close to you rather than realising that it was walking after you and would eventually step over your prints. Then someone smells rotting flesh that wasn't there so they come to the conclusion that fresh kill was obviously rotting immediately. What level of IQ do American hunters have?

  13. 平池आकांक्षा

    how gross do you have to be to find pleasure in hunting?

    Creepy Creature1: This? This is what the hare clan as been tormented by?
    CC2: Yep.
    CC1: Bro..
    CC2: Let's scream at them lol
    CC1: ya lol

    months later

    Human: I get nightmares to this day. I get chills writing this. I remember it like it was just yesterday. tears up

  14. Republican Meateater

    That's why I need to carry an AR-10

  15. Mow-gee-on

  16. why have no skeletons of any of these creatures described been found- like the dogmen, which sound terrifying, or different strains of bigfoot?? i guess the wilderness is awfully vast, and if they are sentient-they may hide or bury their dead….

  17. The RainbowDJWolf13 USA Rockstar Hero Show

    9 Monsters That Scare Off Or Kill Hunters

    1. The Souleater is a woodland demon that had pale snow white skin on her face, body, arms, legs and feet. She had large deer antlers on her head, large pointed ears and vampire-like teeth. Her eyes look like zombie eyes, and are really milky-white. Instead of having human feet, she had the hind hooves of a horse or deer. Her claws and hands were completely kangaroo-like and had the tail of a red fox. She follows, stalks, lures and viciously attacks any hunter or sniper who have already been invading her own territory.

    2. The Frenostiffer is a giant Columbian Tegu-like lizard monster with huge bladed claws and shark-like teeth. It hisses like a alligator when being threatened by other predatory animals, including Bigfoot, Dogmen and even hunters. Luckily, it doesn't attack humans.

    3. The Nerophilor is a white furred fox-girl with were-foxlike facial and body features. It is considered to be gentle and she calls the wild woods her own home.

    4. Murragidoes are 12-foot tall werepuma-like creatures that mainly act like a tribe of Native American Indians. Their myths, sightings and encounters with humans are all related and based off on historical Native American cultures.

    5. Lilylakers were legendary T-Rexlike creatures with gigantic 19-foot tall bodies. Their backs and tails were covered in a mossy green grassy shade of armour-like camouflage, giant lily pads and huge pink flowers. They had six large front crocodile-like limbs, and a fearsome smoky breath made out of pink smoke and airy smells. They hunt uninvited intruders hunters by hiding down in the huge round lake of Camp Onseyawa and the mystical Lilylaker Lake located in the swampy areas of Kentucky. Then, in a spectacular withdrawal, they breathe out that pink smoke and airy smells out of their nostrils before hiding back down into the lake in order to attract its prey into being lured toward the lake while being "loved" by many nurmenous animals, but not for long. The animals all run away from the great head of the creature as the beast snatches up the now terrified and screaming hunter, eating it while he or she is still alive.

    6. The Prickledickle is a huge eight-legged 23-foot tall eight-eyed wolf spider-like creature that live in large family groups like wolves and lions. They hunt prey by luring them into their webbed burrowing traps before speeding towards it, grabbing them with their monstrous tarantula-like fangs and dragging them into the burrows to feed on their flesh and bones.

    7. The Wanderlinger is a swampy demon-like rat-type humanoid child-like creature with small bull-like horns and alienlike three-fingered hands. It was the only creature that only appear to scare off hunters when they come too close to their child-sized burrows. They bodies and faces resembled like that of a female child with blonde pigtails.

    8. The Sturthosaurus was a nearly 15 and a half foot tall Carnotaurus-like creature with small horns and 32 sharp blade-like sharp serrated teeth. Its name means "Monstrous Bull Lizard", meaning that it actually does resemble and looks very, very similar to the Carnotaurus from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, but is a little much more taller and slightly bigger than it. Attacks on humans and other animals have been reported by newspapers and Fox News sources. The attacks on humans are only recorded and filmed using phones and tablets. It was named number 6 of the 100 Most Dangerous Monsters That Ever Walked The Earth.


  19. What was that background music all about

  20. when i wachted the video it showed creepy mall storys

  21. That first one was crazy

  22. I lived all my life in south Arkansas now live in NWA never ever seen anything out of place

  23. All I see are mall titles, you ok buddy?

  24. Soviet solider

    Used to have an apartment in Arizona if I left the front door open on a hot day a little roadrunner would walk in and watch TV till you moved

  25. Pierce Precision

    Hmmm hunting small game with a Remington 700

  26. Bigfoots, I've sighted some before while on a road trip to Milwaukee.

  27. Please stop with the hour long intros. I like ur channel and I'm a fan but all we wanna hear are the stories. This is why Mr. Nightmare has 2mil subs. Please just cut to the stories, it would make the stories 100x more enjoyable. Otherwise keep up the good work man

  28. ❤ your voice…great content too

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