5 Job Hunting Tips – What Employers Look For

5 Job Hunting Tips – What Employers Look For


In this episode The Recuritment Guy gives advice on what employers REALLY look for in a candidate. For more tips and information visit http://www.therecruitmentguy.com.


  1. I like Martin's approach and useful ideas. 

  2. i went to an interview a month ago i think he was trying to slip me up, he was casualy using swear words. and re-emphasised how it wasn't a serious interview so quite naturaly i began using less formal words. he then declined me on that basis, was he trying to catch me out because non of the language i used was anywhere near as inappropriate as the language he was using was he abusing his authority?

  3. You sir are a boss. JL interview soon

  4. TheRecruitmentGuy

    Hi Kyle, that's FANTASTIC news…well done. Please let me know how things proceed. Best wishes
    help at the recruitment guy dot com

  5. I stumbled across your videos a couple of weeks ago and used your advice to help prep for the interview. It was for a very prestigious apprenticeship working with a yacht company in Germany as an engineer. I was ecstatic to find out this morning that I was offered the position and they said that was largely down to the extensive research I had done regarding the company's history and heritage. Thank you for the great help and keep it up for people like me to develop and learn in the future.

  6. TheRecruitmentGuy

    Hi there…honestly, I have no idea! Prepare in advance for technically based questions/literacy/administration/data entry/library filing systems/research/customer care…have I missed anything?


    Iam going for my job interview as a Senior Equipment Librarian, question is what kind of assesment I am going to have. 20 minutes of ? Please what to expect.

  8. TheRecruitmentGuy

    I'm really thrilled for you…well done!

  9. No worries….. I attended my final interview successfully and happy to say that i have been selected and recieved the offer letter yesterday… ur tips in video really helped me lots.. did lots research about the company and impressed them…. post – sales advisor. company name – BHS 😉 thanks a lot

  10. TheRecruitmentGuy

    Hi, gosh…sorry I missed your message…how did it go? My top tips for sales jobs is research, prepare, present & CLOSE for the job! Your biggest sales is YOU remember…again, sorry I missed you earlier 🙁

  11. TheRecruitmentGuy

    hI there nine inch (!!!) call me to discuss this issue…020 8366 9014 via my recruitment business tel number

  12. After moving out from home and deciding to live and study abroad by myself I have worked in catering for the past 5 years – 2.5 years in the same company and recently received employee of the year award. Now, though still in University I strive for a job that will be something really exciting as opposed to one that only gives me money but doesn't really make me feel like I'm flourishing. I found a perfect position at one of the London's museums. I just fear that I won't get the job…

  13. I am going for my final interview on next week in the field of sales. this video is really helped me and I wonder if u can help me more in order to prepare for my last interview…

  14. Gitte and Graham

    Thanks 😀

  15. TheRecruitmentGuy

    Good luck…remember…lots of research and take notes! Go for it…

  16. I have my interview on monday for Zara , i am watching ur interview tips , these are very helpful to me . tnx . fingers cross for me 😀

  17. wow fantastic tips! i have an interview monday and this has really helped me!

  18. TheRecruitmentGuy

    Yeah, I know…one is a different shape to the other…and the mid point of my nose is REALLY off centre…no offence takem

  19. I was watching the third video but noticed this only now. Your nostrils are well.. different.. no offence

  20. I wish more employers would adopt this approach.

  21. I tend to completely agree. That would appear to be a much more practical approach. I've had about ten interviews this year and none of them have panned out. I feel if given an opportunity to demonstrate my abilities in action, certainly something would have fit.

  22. Interesting perspective..good food for thought.

  23. John Peel book! 🙂

  24. Of all the flat-out stupid things a person could focus on in this clip…incredible! I'd be ashamed to say something so ridiculous.

  25. David Chesterfield

    Great video thatnk you for sharing with us.

  26. TheRecruitmentGuy

    The recent comment about graduates with irrelevant degrees is very timely. I see so many youngsters with degrees that offer little future work opportunity. They have been 'sold the dream' that a degree will ALWAYS make them more employable…this is not true! Consider the 21 year old with some average A levels but 3 years hands on experience in an office/engineering/production/retail compared to a 21 year old with a 2.2 in Forensic Science from some third rate University who still can't spell!

  27. TheRecruitmentGuy

    Appreciate your comment, best wishes Graham

  28. Serendipitous1971

    Thanks ! Very well articulated 🙂

  29. Thank you for the knowledge. Sayin' goodbye!

  30. TheRecruitmentGuy

    Well done; I hope it goes well for you

  31. You so helpful, thank you!
    I have my first job interview coming up and you have really helped me.

  32. I agree to an extent. Trial periods would be better except they prolong the recruitment process considerably and is much more costly for the business. Nowadays recruitment firms do a lot of the dirty business for companies. I think video resumes are the next big thing.

  33. TheRecruitmentGuy

    Well, it can happen like that…but don't count on it as a strategy to get your DREAM JOB!

  34. I remember I was in Greece and I did get the job just by telling the hiring person I need a job and that was that. All he said was OK

  35. TheRecruitmentGuy

    Sorry Phoenix…it's the only accent I've got!

  36. i hate his accent soooooooooooooo bad

  37. TheRecruitmentGuy

    Hey how did it go? Please, let me know. well done on landing the interview..

  38. Thank you so much the recruitment guy. I am shaping my answers so that it shows more thoughtfulness and professionalism. I am having an interview this Friday.

  39. TheRecruitmentGuy

    This is a really interesting point, and I agree. Would you buy a car without a test drive? No! I think that a trial is vital…for several days if possible! Sadly, not many employers are that enlightened!

  40. I spy with my little eye an easter egg

  41. @TheRecruitmentGuy the things that employers look for like independance, time keeping, leadership,

  42. TheRecruitmentGuy

    @xtotalwheatyz hi there…could you expand a bit more please? thanks Graham

  43. put a video on about employer attributes

  44. it is temp contract with big supermarket in the depot for christmas rush but at 50+proves their is jobs out there just have to keep trying.

  45. TheRecruitmentGuy

    @clash05 hey; I'm so pleased for you. Well done…what job was it? Graham

  46. watched your vids which gave me the confidence to do the interview ended up with the job.thanks for the info

  47. TheRecruitmentGuy

    Hi Guys…glad you like the videos…any other videos you'd be interested in seeing?

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