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I can’t believe this happened… It is very unfortunate. However, we must try our best to not get frustrated and look at this deer hunt as a learning tool to prevent things like this from happening in the future. Appreciate the support, take care guys!


  1. Cross bow is my favorite

  2. I shot a deer and he moved last second and it didn’t bleed out, and bled on the inside. I had to wait 15 or so minutes then walk back down to put my boot on its neck and I shot it in the head (2nd shot)… I’m not hunting again

  3. Brand new cross bow with probably not enough target practice, not good… someone should feel bad

  4. Not my worst nightmare by quite a ways. Shooting another person is my worst hunting nightmare.

  5. Jesus man I'm over halfway through your video and you still haven't mentioned what the issue is. Too much talking

  6. Its not your fault, the deer moved, there was no way you could prevent that.

  7. It happens sometimes when hunting

  8. Travis & Gavin videos

    Bro that happend too me and I’m 13 I have 2 years of hunting experience I shot the deer two types in a row with a 20 gauge mossberg 500 it hit the first time hard enough to mock him down then he got up ran and I shot him in the back

  9. Deer was spooky to start with,poor shot,don't practice on live deer.practice on a target.a nlooby with a new xgun.poor combination.you talked about a huge landfill.most of that property is off limits to hunting.

  10. Plus you don't take a quartering to shot on a deer with a bow. Poor hunting.

  11. The guy needs to shut his big mouth got her all on edge and spooky.

  12. That's why I hung with my 7mm rem mag or 308.. Cant trust myself with a bolt or arrow

  13. Holly kight Vlogs

    What did the deer do. I wish people would hunt u

  14. Tukamarue Tensi

    i understand this ive had more then 1 get away and not nessisarly poor shot in my hunting ive had ive had 9 deer that eather has left 0 blood or very little blood my latest one was last season i was hunting with a 30-30 hollow point now i was trying to use hollow points to knock a big whole in the deer to help keep it from closeing up and stuff but that even with the deer on the ground a good 45 seconds or more and had to crawl away didnt leave a single drop of blood for me to trail it………i should of put a 2nd round in her but how she was acting i figured she be dead in a few minutes i tried to find that deer for hours……..every time i have an expereince like that it makes me want to puke soo i understand and the wanting to puke isnt nessisarly from looseing a deer trueth is even though im a hunter im also a huge animal lover and i dont want any of my game to suffer ive put 3 rounds in a deer in less then 2 minuts to try to kill it faster cause i realy dont want them to suffer…….it really sucks sorry for your loss

  15. I shot a very nice doe with my 50 muzzleloader that I had shot just about a week before with a compound bow

  16. And yes he is only learning

  17. It happens to all us evidently. Thank you for taking a young hunter to the woods. However, IMO you should take responsibility for the mistake instead of blaming the kid. You should NOT have let him take that shot. Quartering to is a tricky shot. Also it sounds like you pushed the deer. Gut shot deer almost always bed down and die within a couple of hundred yards. We all make mistakes. You can learn from this one and become a hunter from it.

  18. Problem solved if you want the deer to get away “unhurt” don’t hunt. Easy

  19. Sean's Outdoor Adventures

    I think we all can relate to that. Tough one. Keep your head high and keep doing your best. God bless you guys.

  20. Hey, I've screwed up shots before. Never went out with a weapon I just bought the day before though. Lots of practice! I always tell my crossbow hunting buddies that crossbows are great for handicaps, women, children, and wusses, haha! Good lesson for you both. It just makes you better!

  21. My second year of bow season a deer was 15 yards from me and I flinched and shot right over it and bent my arrow

  22. Gotta started somewhere

  23. Should have never had him use an unfamiliar weapon. If he were to have hours of practice with the crossbow, this most likely would have never happened. Being that the bow was only purchased the day prior, he probably had less than a dozen practice shots thru it….if any at all…..

  24. Don't listen to the know it all shoulda coulda woulda strappers.
    It can happen to the best of us with a little bad luck.
    Just make sure the kid learns from it and pays attention next time.

  25. You should have practiced with him before and now because of you there is an injured animal

  26. And I’m an actual hundred that doesn’t mess up

  27. You’re just trying to sound smart

  28. You’re completely wrong

  29. You suck stop trying to give instructions

  30. I fliched on my 3rd deer this year….gut shot….but was lucky and found her…but she was still alive….it was way passed dark but called dnr and they let me put her down with my side arm (cpl holder)

  31. dude a cross bow is a cheaters bow

  32. this def happens, we all learn from our mistakes.

  33. It's a "teachable moment" for a young hunter. I'm sure he'll never forget the one that got away. He'll be all about shot placement in the future!

  34. Maybe it was the twig that changed the trajectory a couple degrees

  35. Reggie Macamaux

    Happens to us all.  If we learned a lesson it only happens once.

  36. Just Random Stuff

    1 time i got both lungs and heart

  37. try training with a decoy target

  38. For gods sake get to the point

  39. Dude you talk and talk and talk shut up!!!!!

  40. What happened with the Sniper 370?

  41. Behind Enemy lines

    It sucks but it happens – do the best of us

  42. It was your fault, don't blame the kid, he is 100% blameless.

  43. Nice job blaming the kid for everything. A deer standing in front of you is not the time to try to teach him where to aim, you should have practiced this long before you hit the woods. Quartering toward is a bad bow shot anyway, you should have had him wait for a better position. Bad shots happen, but if you want to point some fingers, most of them should be at yourself.

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