Air Rifle Squirrel Hunting

Air Rifle Squirrel Hunting


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  1. Another one i some how missed ! What are you using ? and what scope is on it ! Have not had any luck with scopes om springers ! And read that most people don't either . But then most don't spend a lot on them either .

  2. I live in Central Michigan and have never ate squirrel but am thinking about trying it this year, all I need is to learn how to prepare it lol .

  3. Great video my friend, God bless you.

  4. what fps is that gun


    dont watch this video if ure on shrooms

  6. You can still get Crossman Premier hollow points at Walmart.  Great Pellets!

  7. I missed the point of your video, it was supposed to be a squirrel hunt right?  It was more like a nature walk and talk.  I like your videos but this one disappointed me.

  8. Any advice for a gun that would be suitable for the suburbs in LA?
    I have neighbors that are usually sensitive..
    Lots of trees where I live

  9. Why not just stay in one place and talk. Hunting not even close, bright colored hat realy!

  10. If u get a slug u could miss with a 20 gauge

  11. why dont you use a .20 guage shotgun? thats what i would prefer to hunt squirrels. Why?? Because you cant miss!! XD

  12. What is the feet per second rate of your rifle?

  13. what air rifle is it???

  14. I prefer the .177 as well.
    Unless I feel like shooting my .22, I will.
    I use a .25 call for sub zero weather.
    In the cold I can handle the pellets with lite gloves a little easier.

  15. Joshua Beanblossom

    what kind of bb gun wasthat

  16. you shot nothing that's sad try to look for a different area

  17. Great video, the pellets have been changed to the LUM77.  Keep up the great work.

  18. How are you doing just looking at some squirrel hunting vids and came across yours. My favorite animal to forage for

  19. This is bizarre, you have such a wide range of hunting rifles there in the US yet you use a air rifle. Here in the UK we're pretty much stuck with tight restrictions on firearms so most of us hunt with air rifles for squirrels , although there's plenty of illegal rifles easily available. Cheers

  20. you are right on about squirrel hunting. I really like it in the late season. 

    One question though, where did you get that hunting cap? I have been looking all over for one, down here people are quail hunting and I would like them to be able to see me. 

  21. Gotta love it..Nice vid

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