An Emotional Hunt with My Son – Deer Hunting in SC – First Buck in the Truck – Finding a Lost Deer

An Emotional Hunt with My Son – Deer Hunting in SC – First Buck in the Truck – Finding a Lost Deer


To see the hunt that led to this one please watch this video:

In this video we are deer hunting in SC. This was out first buck in the truck of 2017. This is the deer hunting story of Gracen’s first buck that was recovered during the 2017 season. He wounded a buck during black power season and we have not yet found it. The night before this hunt he made a good shot on a buck that we could not find. So, this was an emotional hunt for this 10 year-old.

Good times and great memories!



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  1. One of the best deer hunts you can find on YT

  2. I've never been hunting. I love animals too much. That said, I love the father/son aspect of this video and similar videos I've found of a son's first hunt. Even as I'm sad about the deer, I feel so much happiness at your obvious pride in your son.

    I'm curious, did you ever have the old "circle of life" talk with your son before he'd come hunting with you or was he gung ho about it from an early age?

  3. Awesome video im gonna have to look back on your videos

  4. I once spoke with a sports shop owner that had killed many deer with various calibers and I asked him which one seemed to kill deer the best from his experience. He said 7-08! For the .243 I'd recommend the Federal Fusion ammo. Great video as always!… I loved that you and your son display respect for God and His creation. Rare thing these days.

  5. A 308 will solve that problem

  6. Ok whose cuttin onions??!

  7. Marcus Weathers

    Try the Reminton 100 gr. Core Loc . I use a 25-06 with the same weight projectile. I have always got completely pass though on broad side shots. Great hunt. Awesome deer buddy.

  8. A 308 will not leave a blood Trail at all they are the horrible guns they make

  9. 308 do not make deer bullied

  10. Great video hope to get my boy on one this yr since he is to little for a gun were going with a crossbow .He will be 9 yrs old but he only weighs 60# just a little dude

  11. Leslie VanDerau

    Congratulations Grayson! I'm not going to lie this is the 1st video I've seen off your daddy's YouTube channel and you have a subscriber for life!

  12. I’m not saying I’m an expert but if you customize bullets it may help you get better blood

  13. Great hunt! Way to knock him down. I have 2 sons and I'm a whitetail deer hunter . I can't wait for my sons and I to create memories like this one!

  14. Surrett ministries

    308 is best round to me

  15. A moment he will remember for the rest of his life. Awesome!!!

  16. Who's cutting onions around here?

  17. Haydan Marshall

    He needs to shoot them in the neck

  18. Congratulations bubba. Enjoyed watching and as old as I am with kids I still get emotional myself nothing wrong with it. But we can't get em all glad u was able to,find em…

  19. Nice deer, best part your son taking a moment to give thanks to god.

  20. great buck

  21. Watching this video makes me wonder how anyone can ever question the people who hunt. This is what it's all about. If there were more father and son adventures like this, the world would be a better place. Growing up with these memories and with hunting a part of a kids life it helps them be more well rounded in life. Congratulations!!!!

  22. Good to know he has heart great parents

  23. That was not amotianal what is amotianal is when you miss a 46 point buck that's when you cry then the next year you kill the same buck at 500 yard shot and I'm 9 years old and I have been hunting since I was 3 and a half years old.

  24. I have been using a .243 for the past four years now and I’m upgrading to a 30-06 next season. I also hunt in South Carolina. But I have had the same problems with shooting a deer and it not leaving a blood trail. But I just bought some different bullets that have a red plastic looking tip and shot a doe with them on the last day of season and it left an amazing blood trail. She didn’t make it out of the field

  25. Ohh same caliber I use

  26. If no blood is then heart shot because no blood is pumping out of the heart not trying to be a smart Butt

  27. Y’all may be issuing to wrong kind of bullets. I use Hornady or fusion soft tip

  28. Glad to see someone else out God first

  29. You had bad bullets

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