Arkansas Duck Hunt

Arkansas Duck Hunt


Andy Phillips, Jason Ramsey, Lee Monsees, Joey Parker, Bryan Parrish, and Todd Sisk shoot some ducks in Arkansas.


  1. Then why do you watch these videos you idiot

  2. That was 10 shots on 2 mallards

  3. what pussy's .. feel like a real man killin ducks with no weapons to defend themselves. Chump mother fuckers. Gimme me a gun and shoot at me. I'd blast a mother fuckin mud hole in your chest!  

  4. Too many HATERS! Get a life CUNTS!

  5. Chuck Hutchison

    Too much music.  I guess it's to cover up the bad calling.  Ya'll need to go watch real ducks and listen to them.  Listen to them feed, ya'll sound like a machine gun on the feed call.

  6. i wish i could shoot 100000000 times for my limit said no one ever

  7. HOLY SHIT!! the duck's must have died from heart attack's because it wasn't your shooting anyway. you's must get the shells for noting.

  8. yall suck at calling and shooting

  9. 21 bird salute and I bet you didn't get a one of them.

  10. winns_outdoors

    Lol I hearbout 30 shots and see duckies flyin away but sounds like fun time I just got into last year its a blast

  11. Matt Kollmansperger

    well said…

  12. Metallica and duck hunting just don't mix. Several bad shots must be as good as one good shot cuz it looks like y'all got into the greenheads. Got into the hens too. Work to be done, but cool spot, and a decent video

  13. Looked to be a "lodge blind", ice box, stove, bunks, a pretty cool set up…… 21 birds and 21 box-o-shells….. Those ducks were flyin' through a wall-o-shot ….

  14. diamonddog257

    cont'd [sorry, cops at the door] ; buddies say; "don't watch American vids, full of pee-
    drinking Hillbillies that can't hit the ground" I say "Nonsense…I Love America" – 'those
    kind of people are just on the TeleVision"…-they are all civilized, Marksmen and basically winners…." DON"T LET ME DOWN AGAIN!!……Boss Blind, btw.

  15. diamonddog257

    from Canada {we own all Ducks and Geese} ; – is this a comedy? thx!!…who bought thw Ammo?….bring enough?….uhhh, 'one shot, one kill' = `12 gauge doesn't mean
    a dozen rounds per ducky…..

  16. Yall must spend alot on steel shot!

  17. maybe if you didnt drink while you're hunting, you would actually hit some

  18. awsome blind dude bet really???? u have no life and feel bad for thim ducks. who would be dumb enough to build that on a lake just to hunt ducks. retards!!!!!

  19. duckhunter274

    @ 3:25 idk if i would show that, to many shots per duck.

  20. So many shots per ducks. ugh

  21. that was the most bad ass duck blind i have ever seen

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