ATN X-Sight 4K BuckHunter – Smart Ultra HD Daytime Hunting Rifle Scope with camera

ATN X-Sight 4K BuckHunter – Smart Ultra HD Daytime Hunting Rifle Scope with camera

The Ultimate Digital hunting scope you’ve been waiting for is finally here! ATN is proud to present the X-Sight 4K Series, the rifle scopes with camera that takes your gun into the 21st century.


  1. Change it to a common REPLACEABLE batteries & it would be MUCH more desirable.

  2. probably heavier than normal glass, you won't be more steady, that fancy toy is all nice and cool until your battery dies. All in all garbage promo.

  3. Bimbo Wins even though she Doesn't have no Ass!!!!

  4. Claudinei Trusca

    Acabei de adquirir essa luneta. Estou tendo dificuldade de obter uma imagem nitida e bem focada principalmente para perto poderiam ne dar dicas de como obter um bom foco para perto?

  5. We have loads of unboxing but no night shooting come on ATN uk

  6. Dan The Outdoors Man

    I just love this scope

  7. Two Dogs Walking

    Too bad about the Hollywood style ad. Tells me Jack Shit. Might be a good scope though. Oh, you don't go resting your rifle barrel on anything if you want to take an accurate shot. Might work OK in Hollywood but not in the real world.

  8. Worst ad ever

  9. Well, I was considering one until I watched this video

  10. Sig Sauer BDX system just crushes this scope! If ATN was playing their A-game it would be a different story, but with zero customer support, abandoned forums, and buggy software ATN is dead in the water.

  11. That man is real badass!!! he shooting at 300 yards with rimfire
    1:07 – CZ ZKM 452-2E .22LR – I will still love that gun 🙂

  12. cool scope … but the video sound is bad and fake sounding when she passes the gun to the guy its makes unnatural nosies

  13. If only they spent as much time making a good scope as they did hollywood promos they might make somethin decent

  14. Airgun Evolution

    I need this… I need this now…

  15. R U kidding, resting the barrell on the tripod ??????

  16. Pakistan Ideology

    Atn teleclscop in pakistan showroom adress send me??

  17. The Verminhator

    Not designed with the air weapon shooter in mind. The recoil activated video won't work as there's no recoil, so that's one gadget you're paying for that can't be used.

  18. Made in China

  19. I have been owned 2 unit and all of them just piece of shit if you Don’t believe me go ahead and buy it and find out

  20. Could this be used in airsoft? Like closer than 100 yards

  21. does it lag like the old one did ?

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