Beginner Coyote Hunting Mistakes

Beginner Coyote Hunting Mistakes


Coyote hunting is a fast paced and exciting hobby. However, if you’re new it can be a little intimidating. In this video we go over some of the most common beginner coyote hunting mistakes to help you avoid these rookie pitfalls.

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  1. I think that's a pretty good list. I would add a few things: 1) Don't just go with prey in distress calls. Know that as soon as you start the distress call, the coyotes are gonna start circling downwind. 2) Start off with some coyote vocals and mix them in with distress calls unless you're also targeting fox or bobcats. I've had a good number of coyotes come running right into the initial howls. 3) Use confidence calls like crows gathering or bluejays going crazy help to put wary coyotes at ease and seal the deal. 4) Don't assume the hunt is over after you shoot or miss a coyote. Stay quiet and go to a KiYi or coyote in distress. You will be surprised at how many second opportunities you will get. 5) If you are not using an electronic caller and you get eyes on a coyote, be very wary about continuing to call unless you're using something subtle like lip squeaks. They can pinpoint sounds with great precision and they know exactly where the prey is supposed to be. When a mature coyote doesn't see the prey, they won't be around for long. 6.) After you scout, check the weather forecast, plan your hunt and get to your hot spot to find that the wind is wrong, do NOT be stubborn and hunt that spot. Hunt somewhere else.

  2. I sit at least 2 hours not 30 mins

  3. Enjoyed the simple explanation.

  4. Informed Outdoors

    What are some common mistakes new coyote hunters should be aware of?

  5. VarmintsIncCalls

    This whole video is a rookie mistake.

  6. Scent control is a big factor.

  7. All very good advice. How do you feel about hand calls and diaphragm calls? Have you had success with them?

  8. Good video, where is your location

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