Benjamin Bulldog .357 Air Rifle For Deer Hunting – The Management Advantage

Benjamin Bulldog .357 Air Rifle For Deer Hunting – The Management Advantage


For the first time hunter, woman, youth, or anyone looking to minimize hunter impact due to noise of the shot, the Benjamin Bulldog .357 airgun by Crosman is the perfect option! Chuck has spent countless hours in the blind with the Bulldog. Rather it is sitting on a food plot for doe management or helping female hunters harvest deer with less recoil, the deer hunting results from the Bulldog are the same….humane and lethal. Chuck even harvested his heaviest Alabama deer to date air rifle hunting with the Benjamin Bulldog .357!

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  1. Dog biting on deer then lick you in the mouth then kiss wife

  2. For those of you asking and sorry for the slow reply, We do shoot the 165gr hollowpoint from Mr. Hollipoint for deer. Thanks for watching.

  3. David Strickland

    I wish I could afford one of these . but being disabled and they are expensive .

  4. Your dog is great.

  5. Wow I’m impressed with that gun. Great shot and great takedown

  6. This is amazing. I got arrested with marijuana ten years ago and lost my right to have a firearm. This is legal for a convicted felon though, which is awesome

  7. ahmonde boxley

    And is this gun neighbor friendly or to load to shoot around neighbors

  8. ahmonde boxley

    I luv your videos can you give me the best pellet for this gun and what the best fill pressure for this gun thanks alot

  9. What grain bullet were you using on the big buck?

  10. Good stuff I've been trying to get air rifles legal for Deer in Indiana. One day hopefully.

  11. Beautiful deer inch shot. Would like to know what scope and bullet you are using

  12. Hunt Fish Family 18’

    Where Can I download the song at the end of this video?

  13. Great informative video, what bullet weight are you using?

  14. That’s awesome!!! What bullet are you guys using ?

  15. Thank you very much! Very informative!

  16. Mob with Guns

    ive been wanting one for a while as everyone seems to give them great reviews, but what has been the deterent for me is the price of the air rifle. IIRC it is $1k plus for the rifle, which is more expensive than a bolt action or semi automatic traditional rifle.

  17. Where do you get that hat

  18. Reggie Noble 17

    Wow that cool

  19. Nice. You should try a Texan or Texan SS .45. Who sings the song at the end? I tried searching. No luck.

  20. Dalton Caldwell

    That’s pretty cool

  21. Wooly Bling Puppy

    Nice shooting!

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