Best Hunting Stand for Beginners

Best Hunting Stand for Beginners


Coyote Bob shows how to choose the best hunting stand for coyote hunting, Hmmm, might make sense for all hunters. Good advice mixed with a dash of humor. Known for his expert advice and tips for bowhunters and calling coyotes in close for a shotgun hunt, Coyote Bob shares with the viewers his hunt stand #21. Coyote Bob loves hunting stand #21. He explains the choosing and approach to the perfect hunting stand, while balancing on the brink of insanity. Will Coyote Bob’s passion for killing the scurrilous scavengers be enough to save him from his genetic predisposition to insanity?
If you are a hunter, you may see some similarities to this tormented soul and see your fate through his eyes….. Ahhhhh, they’re watching again……
Happy hunting… and call your mental health care professional in the morning…
Now where is that darn phone?
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  1. Hilarious?…. the last 2 minutes were crazy…. maybe literally…

  2. I don't know about that whole boat stand deal Coyote guy…. but the last 2 minutes of your video was hilarious….

  3. I think that was fabulous hunting advice…. but that is definitely not how my dad taught me….

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