Big Buck Killed With Glock 19! 9mm Deer hunting!

Big Buck Killed With Glock 19! 9mm Deer hunting!


Will a 9mm kill a deer? We took out the Glock 19 to prove it would! Watch this awesome video that shows just how effective the 9mm round is! Please share the video around! feel free to share this on hunting forums or even pistol forums! Thanks for watching!
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I started this channel as a hobby but now it’s becoming much more! I plan on doing YouTube as a full on job when I get out of school! I try and post videos on Sunday and Thursday! I do plan on getting a supermoto but will always ride some dirt! As of now I own a 2008 Crf250x, 2002 Kx250 a 2004 scrambler 500 and a 1998 Grizzly 600! This channel is a lot more than just motovloging! That’s why it is named what it is! So expect some hunting and fishing every now and then! Hope you enjoy the channel! If you do let me know by leaving a comment!


  1. What a bitch but his rideing vids r good

  2. subbed, please sub back! i'm almost to the 1k mark! Thanks Braydon!

  3. Shaking like a p…y

  4. Shootasaurus Rex

    Mad that was horrible shot placement it took that animal like 5 mins to die… Headshots my friend.

  5. Great to see a father and son being together doing something that they enjoy!!!! Awesome!!!!!

  6. should of used .45

  7. What an asshole

  8. Complete idiot

  9. Dumb of The dumber

    Golden eagle has to big of a rowed

  10. What a guy; you made the deer suffer, the way it's thrashing around on the ground, just to prove a worthless point. This is why the anti-hunters hate us. Your a slob hunter, a moron and a total loser. Grow the fuck up.

  11. Legendary Gaming and More

    Hunt without the glock for ones

  12. That's not really hunting… Next time use a mini-gun or maybe a hellfire missle

  13. Nice deer. Never hunted with a handgun but looks fun.

  14. That was awfully bad . fucking 9s that deer went through some shit

  15. Guillermo Moreno

    You owe me 12 hahahaha

  16. I like your channel but you are not supposed to shoot a deer with a glock unless using a 4 inch mag

  17. I don't mind hunting. But this was a bit cruel. He should have used a larger caliber. That deer suffered way too much.

  18. Wtf in .my state its illegal to hunt with a pistol

  19. Shoulda went down and shot it

  20. Making deer Burger

  21. This video makes me feel that 9mm handguns should not be used to take deer. Didn't seem fair to the animal to suffer like that

  22. Damn, it was suffering as hell

  23. He should not be able to hunt

  24. ur messed up kill the deer and not let it suffer u dick

  25. Stupid and inhumane. One shot one kill. This moron should not be hunting. Further did not have the balls to move in for a kill shot.

  26. Thats nut hunting thats shooting matherfucker

  27. Use the whole clip

  28. Gzuz 187 Mit dem Kopf durch die Wand

    Dude that wasn't a kill.
    That was torture nigga

  29. somehow i expected better expansion from Hornady. id try Fiocchi EMB or Federal Guard dog. if u wanna test self defence those the ones i use. id hope they could take a deer/person.

  30. margaret bravington

    What do you do with the deers do you mount them or eat them????

  31. His channel name is pat mesa

  32. Some else stole this video and uploaded

  33. They call that a scrubby buck I call that a trophy

  34. Nice!

  35. your so fucking cruel!

  36. Not a monster? Thats a stunning deer. Your just so rich you have lost sight of the deer. Hes a beautiful big buck. I would killl him any day

  37. Awesome 9mm will easily kill deer which are avprey species, when coyote or feral dogs get em do the haters think the deer is killed quickly? Bunch of ignorant people who know not what they speak of, nature is cruel and indifferent a 1 minute death is humane compared to starvation, disease or sickness…….

  38. All you proved was that the 9mm is most certainly not to be used to hunt deer. Real hunters want a clean kill. Real hunters DO care if the animal suffers or not. Thank you for giving anti hunters something legitimate about which to call hunters inhumane.

  39. hunt with a hunting rifle like normal people

  40. tee,ee,tee FourNinerTree

    geeze dude

  41. What type of bullet are you using

  42. You’re a sick fuck and a terrible shot holy shit

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