Black Powder Deer Hunting in Kentucky

Black Powder Deer Hunting in Kentucky


Black Powder Deer Hunting in KY
My goal was to kill Bucky. A particular 6 pointer that still had my arrow from earlier in the season. Using my black powder muzzleloader, I hunted him in both a blind and walking and stalking.

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  1. Have ever killed a deer with black powder

  2. I joined the gray gang

  3. U should of injured him haha

  4. You shot doe rit

  5. You think you think your cool

  6. Hey kendal what I recommend is that you get a wooden dowel that fits the ramrod slot and shoot like a 9mm or a 45 whichever the diameter of the ramrod, glue it on the end of the ramrod which you would use ram your powder and ball and you got yourself a ramrod

  7. starbroproductions Everett andlogan

    How can I send fan mail to you

  8. I noticed the camera going in and out of focus a lot. I think it's focusing on the dirty lens randomly. lol.

  9. Tylerkingsaad deer hunting

    shoot a doe

  10. Iehawesome Cool

    Hace you ever gotten a deer?

  11. I Freaking smashed the like button

  12. I live in eubank Kentucky bro

  13. Ohhh yea love ya man #jesus

  14. What a cool video! Check Out our film Tradition!

  15. I dare you to shoot Bucky

  16. What is your address

  17. My uncle just got a 12 point muzzleloading

  18. dammmm

  19. Indian Outdoor's

    What part of ky do you live in, I live in London

  20. Drake Yosanovich

    Have you killde buckey yet

  21. You are dum

  22. Let Bucky grow god damnit

  23. I subbed

  24. cats ass in cowboy boots

    are you related to the turtle man?

  25. this is an old video that he re uploaded

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