Bunny Hunter W.W.P. duck hunting *PART II*

Bunny Hunter W.W.P. duck hunting *PART II*


*PART 2*
Country girl Bunny Hunter on a duck hunt In Horicon Marsh, WI. This event was for the local vets of Wounded Warrior Project. Please please support our veterans in any way possible. Doesn’t matter how or which organization 🙂

Link to PART 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_NmCw1FAjI
Or just click on the BUNNY HUNTER channel

Hey y’all 🙂
Any questions or comments please don’t hesitate & I’ll get with ya as soon as I can!
God bless.
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  1. Paradigm2012Shift

    Nice shooting.  Thanks for sharing.

  2. Watertown Goose Smackers TV

    Wondering if you did the W.W.P. duck hunt this past year? Our group headed out the day it started and the launch was froze in. We ended up having to break through ice ranging from 1-3 inches just to get to our spot. Its a great place to enjoy the wildlife and to hunt those ducks! Good to see that you were having fun out there!

  3. ThePatriotNurse

    "Look at the absence of ducks!'…that was awesome!

  4. the nuts(emphasis on that word) at peta can always exercise their own first amendment rights and shut the video off if they don't like it.keep on doin what you're doin cause we real, non-nutball people like every frame of your videos.great work!

  5. raghava narasimman

    just get with some grenade and bombs

  6. your a cool girl!! from the FL, right on!!

  7. Zombie movies need a heroine who's like you.

  8. moonclipper45

    Thanks for sharing, Bunny…and hope you feel better soon.

  9. Not bad, but "bunny" (rabbit) hunting would be very exciting too.
    … or preparing rabbits at a farm for using the meat …

  10. you are fun to watch…not claiming to be an expert here…but your daffy call was as sick as you felt…hope you recovered fast…Great vids as always…

  11. Nice shooting Bunny!

  12. NorthernLightss

    You are a Trooper Girl. Good job.

  13. I love all you Vids Bunny Your Def marriage material!! Need more of you woman for sure!

  14. You make everything look fun. Thanks for the good time.

  15. Congrats on your first duck of the season.

  16. Anthony Garza

    Why don't you come down to Texas and we will actually show you and the wounded warrior project some good duck hunting. Let me know if you guys actually want to put something together

  17. Take care of that cold Bunny.

  18. Aw well 1 is better than none I suppose. If you ever wanna come blast heaps of ducks in New Zealand sing out

  19. Michael Hoewisch

    yep thats bout right with the drinkin and boatin lol. all day every day lol

  20. JDsModernMartialArts

    Great job Bunny Hunter and just remember People Eating Tasty Animals know it's Natural Behavior for humans to eat what they harvest. Oh and by the way, you may be sick and 'tough it out' or you can 'suck it up' or you can 'warrior up' or what ever, but you can't qualify to 'man' up. So there. Carry on!

  21. glad your having so much fun

  22. Crusaders hu Akbar

    on second thought probably should have gone BUNNY HUNTING YEA

  23. Any chance you could do a video on the boat / blind ? Gerry

  24. Where can we See your video of horse Riding?

  25. You got one! Nice.

  26. and the part 2 awesome !! as always thanks , your video are very well done !

  27. Shawn Richards

    What a sweetheart you are! Im goin over to wounded warrior project site now thanks BH

  28. Too bad you didn't bring the flame thrower, haha 1:10.

  29. Lima Papa Kilo

    @1:12 you cracked me up with that flame thrower Bunny

  30. #bunnyhunter
    Bunny Hunter on the #woundedwarriorproject   duck hunt II

  31. Hope you feel better soon Bunny! Was only one duck, but you hit one!

  32. Living Survival

    Looked cold but fun ;)-

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