Bushcraft COOKING CHALLENGE in the FOREST! | Spit Roast vs. Dutch Oven in 1v1 DUCK OFF! Ep8

Bushcraft COOKING CHALLENGE in the FOREST! | Spit Roast vs. Dutch Oven in 1v1 DUCK OFF! Ep8


Catch and cook fresh caught duck in bush craft survival challenge.

Use code “WoodBeard” to get 10% off ASAT Camo: www.asatcamo.com

The GOAL of the SURVIVAL CHALLENGE is simple: GAIN or MAINTAIN, body weight eating only WILD FOODS! FULL PLAYLIST: https://tinyurl.com/yczxcypn

Woodobo SPICE (FOR SALE): https://tinyurl.com/y7s5cnoo

Join me and Zach Fowler winner of Season 3 of ALONE on the History Channel. Zach’s Playlist: https://tinyurl.com/yczoekr8

UNLISTED CHANNEL: https://tinyurl.com/ybld4kmx

We weight-in and weigh-out and if we lose any body mass at all, we have FAILED the challenge!

Unlike Naked and Afraid, ALONE, or Survivorman, there is no limit to the tools we are allowed to use on this survival challenge. Living off just WILD foods is harder than you think! If it’s legal, it’s fair use. Sometime we even do some bushcraft, but the main focus is really on eating wild foods, wild edibles and catching and cooking various foods.

This isn’t about just surviving, this is about thriving!

Season 4: Northern Autumn, takes place in Northern Ontario with vast opens seasons including fish, catfish, pike, trout, birds such as grouse, duck, and geese, bear, deer, and moose. Also wild apples, mushrooms, berries, and so much more. We make use of all the resources in this challenge to meet the demands for calories imposed by the human body!

In this episode Zach and I go head-to-head in a cook off to see which is best, dutch oven and “stew” or spit roast. Watch to find out who wins!

Beaver are surprisingly easy to trap and offer a ton of nutrients to the forager. A real staple item! Beaver is also great eating, usually very full of fats crucial to surviving long term in the wild.

Guests on this series:

Zach Fowler: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2h_ncHoP2v6OO_zFsMuOPQ

Mathew Hawthorne (book a bear hunt): https://www.facebook.com/mathew.hawthorne.7

Jeremy (One Wildcrafter): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy7HUXYD7Ua6zPR384d1ETg

Adam Craig: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuZwrIkADWzF-2CMmoRScZw

Rob the Bear hunter!


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Use code “WoodBeard” to get 10% off ASAT Camo: www.asatcamo.com
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  1. The Wooded Beardsman

    Late upload…busy with the cabin, which is better than editing any day. Hope you enjoy this one as we settle into camp. I had a plan this year for LIVING OFF THE LAND (Wilderness Living), hopefully that's obvious. I guess doing this for the forth time makes this SEEM easy, but it's not, a lot of planning and strategy went into the steady success you see here. You are more than encouraged to try wilderness living for yourself.

  2. What size Dutch oven do you recommend? I like yours, it looks deep, do you have a few you suggest?

  3. Man listen your videos amazing and this video made me very hungry I cant wait to well at least try to do what you do on your videos and eat my first wild food so good luck in the wild!

  4. Darn you guy are just having loads of fun love it!

  5. I think what I don't like is how you guys cook. But I love you guys, my God I really do.

  6. Duck off!

  7. What make/model drone do you use

  8. (Insert Gollum voice) Taters precious? What’s Taters?

  9. Jenny Richardson

    Haha i guess i just needed to wait one more episode to find out about what you do for water!

  10. you need new courtney gloves it looks wrong without them

  11. our body is naturally rejecting that scavenger meat, you should monitor your weight at the beginning/middle/end of challenge instead of daily/hourly

  12. Haha this was awesome boys

  13. When I’m in Ketosis I find my appetite is seriously decreased.

  14. MsNikkieMichelle

    Quite the contrast to season 1 when you and Jeremy were so hungry lol. But this challenge has always been about trying to not only maintain but actually gain weight and thrive in the wild and so far you both are doing an outstanding job at that.

  15. That’s y u wrap the outside bird in bacon!

  16. Bilal Avantgarde

    vomiting feeling, believe me, I stopped my breakfast so dirty, the water of a beautiful stream nearby why not clean the duck before cook, even you did not clean your plate the blood was in the plate. ahh so bad.

  17. Bilal Avantgarde

    Clean good bro, There was so many hairs check time.16:13

  18. Where do you do all of this cause a love to do camping and to looks really nice there

  19. please, I hope you keep food prep gloves separate from trail gloves… #preventsickness

  20. it is illegal to kill a bear, is it?

  21. Christian Mills

    I thought that it was illegal to peel of birch bark off trees in canada?

  22. you are living life, what i dreamed of

  23. how long does raw meat and fat stay good for if you leave it outside like that? Refrigeration has spoiled me. We're taught to toss meat that's been left out for more than a couple hours, you know? And googling "how long can you leave raw meat out" returns a bunch of dramatic articles about food borne illnesses.

  24. That looks delicious

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