California Duck Hunt – Colusa NWR Resi #1

California Duck Hunt – Colusa NWR Resi #1


Hunted Colusa National Wildlife Refuge on rest #1 with my brother, Father in law, and another friend. had a ok day birds where there just flying high and staying in the closed zone. didn’t have much weather to move them around. Had a good fun time hunting still, better then a day at work!


  1. How cold does it get in California during duck hunting

  2. You are shooting at birds before you can identify them. How many cripples? I'm a CWA life member just so you know.

  3. Nice shootin. Love the videos.

  4. Hunter Bradford

    Hunted P1A yesterday, unreal! 4 guys 38 birds

  5. #1 at Colusa is like hitting the lotto. Nice footage

  6. Asian Outdoors Survival Channel

    Nice video…I like

  7. Gadwall kind of day. Nice shooting guys!

  8. Enjoy the videos fellas.

  9. Mid Valley Mercenaries

    Nice hunt

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