“Cans gone wild” – Canvasback duck hunting

“Cans gone wild” – Canvasback duck hunting



  1. Who tryna donate some money or shells for hunting HMU 320-304-3509

  2. Only Can I have ever seen in the wild is off the Alaksan wildlife Preserve .
    Dam bird flies about a million miles an hour off the Preserve and real hard to get a bead on him(pass shooting)

  3. Hunters child. You are trying to help cover up the poaching ring that these and others like them. GAme hogs is the word. If the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service and the DNR didn't do something about this. It would be like to Hunter shooting 15 min. Early before legal shooting time and thinking it's all right. Nothing but scrum bags for sure.

  4. Would have been better without the rock soundtrack. Nothing like the real thing.

  5. here in Iowa we can shoot 2 cans

  6. Dayyyum! Can I hunt with y'all? All them cans… I'm jealous as hell, I won't lie.

  7. For a duck that was almost shot to extinction they seem to be doing pretty well.

  8. I live in Alabama and cans are very rare on our lakeside but although we have numerous mallards, reds, and also wood duck.

  9. Wisconsin outdoorsman


  10. are you in pool 9?

  11. that would a tough hunt ,,since your'e allowed 1 bird and they come in so fast and grouped up like that

  12. where is this

  13. leave a landing strip. try a broken up S pattern of decoys

  14. Check out Marshmen Waterfowl on Youtube for some awesome duck hunting action!

  15. Damn in Delaware all we have are mallards black ducks sea ducks wigeons and teal sometimes we get pintails but redheads and canvas backs are rare

  16. I live in California and we can shoot one per day. That is a joke. We have more Cans on the lake then all other birds combined. Our lake is White with cans. Everywhere you look. You will kill your Can before you finish putting out decoys. Great video guys.

  17. where is this at like what state 

  18. Brett Winegarden

    Nice not nipples damn auto correct

  19. Brett Winegarden

    Nipples video. Open that spread up and you will have em land in the decoys with greater numbers rather than a couple. The flock congregating outside your spread and them swimming in is because ur spread is to tight. Cans r simple to decoy. Be were they wanna b. And less decoys is more. At least out west.

  20. over here in MN it would be an honor for me to get a Canvasback! we hunt next to a big lake and someone hunts the island and they always choose the island over the dinky slough we hunt on!

  21. Dam you should take me out i am located in fort atkinson right by lake koshanong there arnt alot of ducks her i work my ass of every time and am lucky to get a duck

  22. Where do I sign up for a hunt… Like seriously!

  23. Complete wood!!!!!

  24. Brandon Broussard

    Second split here in louisiana. All cans an divers. Wish they would up the limit to 2.

  25. And wow that is just really amazing. I would love for a big Canadian bull can. To be on my wall.

  26. We have right many in VA

  27. really cool.

  28. AMAZING! Truely jealous, I live on the eastern sierra side of the pacific fly way in california, and I have NEVER seen so many birds. Very lucky!

  29. are those diver decoys set on a long line

  30. theohioduckslayer

    man makes me sick ive seen cans like this twice in my life only one time hunting in north dakota and the first flock came thru at first light i was all pumped up i jumped up and missed the big bulls and crushed a hen had to sit their and watch everyone kill big bulls made me sick

  31. where bouts is this video taken? me my dad and one of my buddies hunt the Wisconsin side of the river right across from Wabash back in Indian slough and i remember seeing flocks like that the past couple years…its fun just to sit and watch em fly around

  32. looks like the ducks were hit at 1.16, thats whythey were on the water

  33. I am located in Wisconsin on the Mississippi River. Yes you can only shoot one canvasback per day here most years but there are lots of other ducks to harvest while on the hunt. I havest 20 or more species a year. From mallards to an occasional sea duck. So quite a bit of shooting takes place during a hunt. The feds counted 450,000 Canvasbacks this year just on a couple miles of River this year. When there are only 650k in the world no where else has the numbers of cans like we have.

  34. @redneckrider250 Well I'm sure they have a chance of shooting some other species like bluebill or something. Besides that though, how could you deny yourself the opportunity to see something like that live? Must be awesome… It's not all about shooting ducks

  35. dang ive never seen so many canvasbacks

  36. @hideawayhollow Where are you located ? I'd love to hunt some of them and what shot size works best on them ? I've never used faststeel is that the best shell out there or that blackcloud ?

  37. Well I'd love to get one of those also , what gun/shot setup works best on these ? I see that they have some size and are fast while flying . Blaze where you located I'd love to hunt some of them .

  38. You might say you have the largest concentrations of Cans in the world but obviously you've never been to Lake St Clair on the Ontario/Michigan border, because we too get those type of numbers during peak migration..Good video..

  39. you can shoot 6 a day in CANADA this year 2011

  40. wow ive only seen one canvasback during hunting season…and i shot it haha. Where is this?

  41. thecountryman850

    What lake are you on? We have them on Lake seminole in fl and ga

  42. TritonFrontier17

    @ watrfwlnut – Give the guy a break. He offers a service for people who dont have a proper boat/decoys/location etc that want to shoot divers and perhaps cant afford to hunt in Mexico.

    Thank God for young ambitious guys who will take a chance to start a business in the USA and create wealth. Who are you to criticize.

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