Canvasback Duck Hunting with Lucier Outfitters

Canvasback Duck Hunting with Lucier Outfitters



  1. Well buddy we shoot CBs here in Tennessee all the time???????

  2. Guys just moved to Windsor Area from Toronto and looking for hunting buddy , if anyone interested Hit me up.

  3. JenRalph Freeman

    you can soot canvasbacks in usa i got one today

  4. You can shoot cans pretty much everywhere in the US lol

  5. We shoot Can's in Michigan all the time?

  6. Southern_Outdoorzzz

    In south Carolina you have been able to hunt "cans" for 20 or so years or more

  7. Justin Christiansen

    In pa u can shot 2 cans a day

  8. this isn't the '70s bud you can shoot cans

  9. What a complete moron douchebag.

  10. you can shoot two cans a day in North Carlina

  11. Easyrider Pappy

    Bruce Horrell,,, You are the biggest blow bag i have ever had the displeasure of listening to,,, ended video 6 min. into it.

  12. A potato would make a better narrator/host. Any decent waterfowler knows this guy is pouring BS out of his mouth.

  13. The hell? Been able to shoot cans for years here in oregon…

  14. open season on shooting stupid liberal animals in TEXAS

  15. Just on principle I would do no business with you because of your name…

  16. Geauga Waterfowlers

    You can killem on lake erie

  17. Sawyer Velasquez

    You can shoot two cans I. Utah

  18. That's not true. We can hunt cans in Oregon. You need to get your facts straight.

  19. God that guy is a goober..

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