Charlie Farley – Memories (The Hunting Song)

Charlie Farley – Memories (The Hunting Song)


Memories (The Hunting Song) is from the new EP The Bonfire Sessions. Thanks to everyone who submitted!
Currently available at all digital retail.

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  1. got hit bye an acorn falling rite on the bill of my hat this mornin rite at daylite if ur a real hunter u know wat I'm talking bot

  2. Matthew Childers

    Brother please keep doing songs like this, red rose, and heaven is a dirt road… These song put you ☝ and over the rest of the artist in this genera you colt ford and old school lacs is what made me love this music. Hope you keep the hard work up it definatly shows.

  3. Stephen Marciante


  4. Hey Charlie Farley if your not busy in October why don't u make a surprise visit to the Provo fire department get together lol sure would be nice I'm sure you know where it is

  5. makes me think of my life growin up.. and my future hunting with my boy.. kick ass music

  6. Justanotherstoner

    Can’t wait for next season got my first deer last year hopefully get my first buck next year

  7. CryptoZoo Mauler

    Good song.

  8. Make me miss my grandfather rip Joey seep

  9. Finally got my dad to start huntin again after twenty years he's alot older now but he is still my hero

  10. Love the music, makes me think of my little boy

  11. A and R Gonzales

    can't believe I barely find this dude!

  12. Love this song! one of my favorites. best times in life are with my son hunting!

  13. Love this ❤️

  14. love the song rememed me about me

  15. Gregory Nottbohm

    made me cry I miss my son wasn't able to take him last year had legal issues I couldn't hunt either my father would have taken him but she won't allow it we need to enjoy this sport with family

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  17. Anonymous Poster

    this song gave me the chills. missing my family.

  18. Longmires tree service Longmires tree service

    Appreciate ya Charlie!
    guna take the boyz arrowhead hunting today!
    Funny how your songs playout in everyday life.
    Thanks bro..your music keeps me grounded! keep up the REAL music!

  19. hey Charlie, keep it up bro a cali boy feels ur music man. family is everything!!! with all the good in life!

  20. hell ya can't wait till hunt n season

  21. love it, brother. Took my 7yo daughter out for her first hunt this season.

  22. Longmires tree service Longmires tree service

    " spending time" thats what lifes about.Noone can erase ur memories good or bad ..r.i.p stevielongmiresr.

  23. Longmires tree service Longmires tree service

    big bucks,big bass,and a buetiful woman! then life begins…never will or could forget!!!MEMORIES!!!
    Great job Charlie! never let me down…

  24. you sang about the truth and you don't care if people like it or not. I'll respect you and have your back.

  25. good job kaley

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