CLASSIC Fallout 76 Weapon Found – Hunting Rifle Location! (Fallout 76 Beta Gameplay Xbox One X)

CLASSIC Fallout 76 Weapon Found – Hunting Rifle Location! (Fallout 76 Beta Gameplay Xbox One X)


Welcome to the Fallout 76 Beta! Today in the Fallout 76 beta we head into a mine that’s filled with Scorchers in hopes to find some good loot. On top of that, we found one of my favorite weapons from the Fallout Series (and probably my favorite so far in Fallout 76) the hunting rifle! #Fallout76 #Beta #Gameplay

What is “Fallout 76”?
Fallout 76 is a narrative prequel to previous Fallout games. It is set in an alternate version of history and takes place in 2102, twenty-five years after a nuclear war that devastated the Earth. The player character is a resident of Vault 76, a fallout shelter that was built in West Virginia to house America’s best and brightest minds. The player character exits the Vault on “Reclamation Day” as part of a plan to re-colonize the Wasteland.


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  1. Ah the hunting rifle the poor man's defense against the world. I pick up all the .308 ammo and hope to find the .308 receiver for the combat rifle so I can carry the hunting rifle and 308 combat rifle to use the same ammo. Combat rifle for mid range and scoped hunting rifle for long range.

  2. Here the easy answer you can find it everywhere

  3. How to find hunting rifle Throw a rock. The rock is more likely than not to hit a hunting rifle. Pick up that hunting rifle and you now have a hunting rifle.

  4. Lol almost every super human drops this

  5. 26 fucking minutes for a weapon you can find anywhere? jesus.

  6. God you’re annoying.

  7. Jessica Hinchliffe

    I just kid I 7 so AHHHHHHHHHHH

  8. Jessica Hinchliffe

    So much blood

  9. Jessica Hinchliffe


  10. Una's Gaming Channel

    I found the 50cal machine gun, gatling gun, crossbow and other basdasss weaponary, made some videos on em with the weapons locations time stamped, have a look and take stock. Prepare for the future fellow vault dwellers!

  11. yes you can use vats against enemy players.

  12. Fuck your clickbait vid. Fucking stupid kid!!!

  13. Hunting Rifles are absolutely fucking everywhere, no need to know a specific location.

  14. " Hunting Rifle Location " and where is this FUCKING HUNTING RIGLE LOCATION ?

  15. I found a special variant spawnable sniper rifle its leveled at 30 tho, east side of map in savage devide on top of highway tunnel that run though the cliff past the bridge from the swamp , youre welcome

  16. Hunting rifle location? You do realize it's probably the most abundant non-pipe weapon in the entire game, right???

  17. What lvl did you get your character to on the first day of the beta me and my friend got ours to lvl 10 in about 3 and a half hours

  18. Particular Royal you need to get better at Fallout games do some research before you start playing get good.

  19. Who else misses new vegas

  20. Samson Lyons-Kerner

    Does anyone get the feel that this dude doesn't know a thing about fallout or watched a trailer for 76?

  21. where the chems!!!

  22. I hope they make multiplayer skyrim(yes im aware of the mmo…).

  23. "This is a tutorial still" rofl no this is the whole game every quest and thing you've done is the game. Theres nothing more to it. Its just F4 without npcs to interact with

  24. i hope they bring back the assault carbine

  25. the pvp is quite simple, lvl 5 you can pvp but when you attack someone it doesnt do full damage, they have to engage you back in order to do full damage, you can kill them if they choose to not attack you, but you will be titled murder and will have a bounty and everyone can see your wanted, and will automatically do full damage to you, and also i believe you can do a friendly duel to trade, winner takes all like in borderlands…..also im not a fan of the condition aspect, i liked when they had no durability like in fo4

  26. just wondering but have you played fallout before?

  27. Bad atitude man, u made a fu… click bait, u could made the video much smaler, 26 minutes to find the rifle at 18:04 and u dont even bother to open the map and show the location, u spend most of the video wandering arround, if u have a little respect for the viewers u could put a time stamp and change the title if u want to show all this footage. Not cool.

  28. It's all holo taped dude no human npcs and you can scrap weapons for screws and other junk and it also now has recipes for food and weapon parts and building

  29. This might be on of the first fallout games I will not purchase. I have never really liked multiplayer survival games. I might just be me but I would like if this were to have a single player because I would definitely cop

  30. Dude, you do know that everything in the beta carries over to main game right? They won’t be deleting your character in 4 hours. So there’s no point to just rush through everything.

  31. Wanna PVP? Just shot a person, if he/she shot back, oh boy, challenge accepted!

  32. royal they said they are not deleteing it it carrys over

  33. Did you remember your pip boy light yet?

  34. Will u make another raft video?

  35. You should try out the game dayz if your into survival games

  36. I can't wait for pc I pre-ordered fallout 76 in the first 4 hours of being open

  37. Equip your cards mate, especially the perception one it really helps with the vats.

  38. Fallout Survivor Damian

    Hey Royal nice video man also the game looks beautiful and the music as well

  39. Turn you pip boy light on in dark areas. usually its the same button that you use to bring up your pip boy but just hold it

  40. Lol it’s still the pathetic weak hunting rifle from FO4. Absolute shite. Who remembers Pacienca?

  41. So happy with the 76 content

  42. mrpaperbag paperbag


  43. The pip boy usually has a light, try holding the button that is used to access it for a few seconds. That's how it used to work.

  44. pvp is enabled when you shoot a player and he shoots you back then the pvp starts but if your the only one thats shooting him you do less damage and if you kill him you will be hunted by other players you will get a skull above your head pvp starts at level 5

  45. Loving the Fallout out vids. Keep it up. Can't wait for PC though.

  46. not ghouls scortched

  47. How come u didnt go too thevevent for the showing like star did royal you would of had fun bud

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