Coyote Hunting "Dirt Naps 3"

Coyote Hunting "Dirt Naps 3"


Coyote hunting at it’s finest. WARNING: slow motion kill shots – enjoy the show.


  1. Do anti hunters turn themselves in for murder when they hit a squirrel in their Prius?

  2. Злобный Козёл

    Людям заняться нечем — полная деградация человека.

  3. Hunters turn to a murder shoting on public places one day

  4. Idaho Outdoors

    Yes! keep shooting coyotes! we love it

  5. Jesus Licht der Welt

    Eine Schande die scheinen noch spass am morden der Tiere zu haben

  6. Target practice may I suggest wow!!!

  7. Kevin Karlsson

    what is done with coyote after the hunt

  8. Sajjad Ahemad khan

    So bad why u killed them innocent animals?

  9. Your intro is a minute and ten seconds too long.

  10. 1 minute and 27 second intro??? ok….

  11. i hate this video because you entered into their home and shot them for no reason. there is no point in killing a coyote if it is just minding its own business and maybe he was trying to find food for its family or maybe it was looking for a friend of his, there just isn't a point in trying to kill them in their natural habitat and the same with deer, they don't even kill animals but people kill them

  12. Fuck

  13. The opening is way to long. This is not television it’s YouTube just get on with it


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  15. what was that noise before you started shooting around 5 min

  16. The people that criticize where's your fucking vidioes of hunting. That's right your home powering your pussies

  17. Wayne Garrison

    Excuses…. your just POOR SHOTS! you need lessons….

  18. Vous êtes des gros con de les tue pour le plesire

  19. Life Patterson

    Someone should teach y’all how to aim

  20. "at it's finest.."? 😀

  21. Looks like your yotes have been cross breeding w fox. Coywolves are taking over in Canada/Alaska. Canines are canines & a bitch in heat is a bitch in heat. Theyll breed w anything!!

  22. A pack of wild coyotes slaughtered my entire family, and then raped my little poodle Fifi…I want justice…

  23. Oldschool Cyborg

    I dont like this….*I LOVE IT! KILL THEM ALL*

  24. I would have had all of them. Coyotes are easy to hit.

  25. Wallace Macmillan

    Horrible shooting boys

  26. Disliking because of you rookie mistakes and lack of discipline.

  27. you should do some target shooting at 5 yards you might hit a barn door

  28. james ritzo,jr

    Try golf.

  29. Bobby Scassera

    why would you upload this mess?

  30. Taste like chicken!!!

  31. No matter what you post there is going to be hate. This world is full of it. No one can go out and have a good hunt without someone crying about something. Are the way they are doing it. No one is ever right and your way is always wrong no matter what. If you don't have something good to say just set back and shut the hell up.

  32. Well, I missed my share in my day but I have to say I'd suggest a bit more practice time at range with lifesize targets might help and learn to use reticle to estimate range and for holdover in moa. But any day with a yote down is a good day.

  33. Shoot like retards

  34. Bobby Greenwald

    Are they good eating? Or can ya make a coat out of them. That coyote had some skills.

  35. SlipperyDiddler

    The only DIRT NAPS I think was happening was you guys laying in the field!

  36. I must commend you on your gun safety! I noticed how you pointed your barrel away, then down at the ground. Good job!

  37. Владимир Ильич 1954 г. р . г. Ульяновск

    Двуногих шакалов , надо убивать так же !

  38. hunting and stuff

    In this episode of wasted bullets…

  39. Jun Jun Gatbos

    Haha. Their spirits are going to torment you when you are at the moment of your death..

  40. This is disgusting, some people have no honor, integrity, courage, or balls. i am not against hunting for food or eating meat or killing animals that can be used. But this is horrible. I would live to hunt these pricks and they families and see how they like it

  41. Esequiel Sanchez

    A y las botas

  42. Esequiel Sanchez

    Mandenme un traje camuflajeada

  43. Random EditJobs

    Too much filler

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