Coyote Hunting Tips – Stand Set Up

Coyote Hunting Tips – Stand Set Up


Nearly every failed stand is a result of poor preparation or stand setup. Watch Ross explain how he sets up on his stand to help him put more fur on the ground.


  1. Racks and Spurs Outdoors

    270 degree or a 180 or whatever it is… Lol love it

  2. Well crap, do you know of any beginner coyote guns, I'm experienced in guns for big game but not so much with coyote or fox

  3. What kind of rifle is that?

  4. What bipod is that ?

  5. Great ideas and presentation. I just started adding my shotgun to my setups along with my rifle and wasn't sure where the best place was to sit the shotgun down, but now I am. I've been toying with the idea of a rifle mounted bipod rather than my shooting sticks. Have you used shooting sticks before or do you prefer the rifle-mounted bipod and why? Thanks….

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