🦌 Crossbow Deer Hunting – My First Crossbow Kill 🦌

🦌 Crossbow Deer Hunting – My First Crossbow Kill 🦌


Crossbow Deer Hunting September 15th, 2015 in Georgetown, South Carolina. This is my first Crossbow Deer Kill. Please watch, and if you have any comments please post them…

Music: “Long Road Ahead” by: Kevin MacLeod

Deer Seasons on Private Lands (2015)

Sunday hunting allowed on private lands.
Archery and crossbows allowed during all seasons.
Crossbows are considered archery equipment.
Limit of 1 antlerless deer per day with antlerless tags or on posted either sex days.
Limits listed include deer taken on private & WMA lands.
Only 1 individual antlerless deer tag may be used in Game Zone 1. Tags are valid in Game Zones 3-4 beginning Sept. 15 and in Game Zones 1 & 2 beginning Oct. 1. Individual tags are not valid on properties enrolled in the Antlerless Deer Quota Program. Individual tags do not alter the daily (1 per day) or seasonal limit or change the type of weapon that can be used during special weapons seasons. Tags must be attached to the deer and validated as specified on the tag form.
In Game Zones 1 and 2 it is unlawful to pursue deer with dogs.

********Baiting or hunting deer over bait is not prohibited on private lands statewide.********

Game Zone 4 – Private Lands (My Game Zone)…

No limit on antlered bucks.
Limit 1 antlerless deer per day on either-sex days or with individual antlerless deer tags.

Archery Only: September 1-14
Buck only.

Gun Hunts: September 1 – January 1
Buck only, except on either-sex days or with individual antlerless deer tags beginning September 15. 1 antlerless deer per day.

Either-Sex Days: October 3, 10, 17; November 14, 21, 28; December 26; January 1


  1. Awesome crossbow!>>>ur2.pl/929 This thing is VERY accurate out to 60 yards. Only downside I can find is that it shoots a little loud but I think you can fix that with limb dampeners. I also put on a Magpul stock and that seemed to quiet it down some too.

  2. I thought I was the only black dude that hunted. Lol. Keep it up man.

  3. Whitetail Bushcraft

    awesome my friend

  4. @GhostofMars83 Yo yo yoadie, up here in NC, just saw your video today. JUST started hunting first time in life this year, crossbow, KI Z355. Can you email me…. ftgtheone@gmail.com

  5. Great job man!! I just bought a cross bow and i can't wait to kill one with it.


    South Carolina is the place to hunt, I live in Edgefield County SC I have 3 PSE Cross bows 2 are fang XT 350 's Turkey , Deer ,Wild Bore , Coyotes.

  7. Bro I have had some of the most amazing hunting experiences when I lived in GA. I live in NC right now. However, while in GA I went to woods to scout a new spot and I parked my vehicle. I walked about 20 ft and I heard some dogs running after something in the woods across the road. Man I looked up and saw at least 12-15 Deer coming from the property across the road and ran on to the property I hunted on. Man I almost ran after them I was so excited. Lmao. It was like something out of National Geographic. Lol

  8. The woods just kept calling me Bro. Lmao

  9. I used to get in trouble from the wifey yrs ago because I was in the woods so much. Lol.

  10. Your welcome Bro. I have taken a lil time off from hunting due to my work schedule. However, you have inspired me to get my boots back in the woods. Keep doing what you do Bro.

  11. I wish would have found your channel earlier. I am a avid hunter and was always looking for a African American hunting show or channel. Great hunts.

  12. That Murder Inc.

    I couldn't remember your channel name. Took me forever to find it again lol

  13. As I look back on this video almost 3 years later, I have grown so much as a hunter. I have grown even more as a YouTube Video Creator. Being new to something, there is always a learning experience. Having more and better equipment makes it even better. Thank You to everyone who has supported me throughout the years…

  14. Euquilandes Brazil


  15. tennessee hunter

    good shot…got me a crossbow today ( been hunting with a compound )..so I've got all spring and summer to practice, find the best bolts for it etc….looking forward to hunting with it,,its a barnett whitetail hunter II, shoots 350 fps ..should be a blast to shoot…..harvested a nice 9 point and a couple does just this past 2017 season with compound bow, I'll keep my bow to hunt with too…but wanted to try something differant for 2018 ..good luck this coming season

  16. Maybe should have shot a few dogs

  17. ghostofmars83
    Hey I’m reaching out to you to ask if you’d like to come out and hunt on the family farm, we have 436 acres, 3 cabins and 19 different tree stands and 6 ground blinds, it would be great if you cane out, I love your channel and videos, the are great, keep up the great work and try an get back to me !!!

  18. That's going to be some eat-n Big G

  19. Congrats

  20. Awesome video and congrats on first cross bow kill ima little late to the party…but trying to find different ideas on how to cross bow hunt going this year as my first

  21. Great video Sir. Excellent poise and shot placement. Way to put her down. It's an awesome feeling knowing that we as hunters possess the knowledge and skill to provide food for our families. Those that live solely out of a grocery store will have trouble doing so. Happy Hunting!

  22. can't we all be equall and love each other as human beings and have fun hunting

  23. I respect this guy but how come so much hate comments if it's a white guy hunting ? thank u mars keep the tradition alive you are a good person

  24. Awesome video Bo. Can't wait to see more of your videos this season.

  25. Well done .

  26. Delmarva Shoreman

    I'm a new subscriber and I must say: I truly enjoy your videos. I feel as if I'm hunting along with you.

  27. congratulations on a wonderful harvest what bolts do you use

  28. Nice shot buddy ive yet to shoot one with a bow of any kind think im gonna try it this year tho

  29. What do you use to edit your videos?

  30. ghostofmars83 what kind of crossbow do you use? Looks really nice and great vid as always.

  31. Great job! About how many yards was that?

  32. Good video and editing, keep it up and don't pay any mind to the negative haters out there. There just mad they don't have land they can bait and hunt.

  33. hunting*

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