Deer and Predator Hunting With The Benjamin Rogue Air Rifle – The Management Advantage #53

Deer and Predator Hunting With The Benjamin Rogue Air Rifle – The Management Advantage #53


Over the past few years, air gun technology has made incredible advancements. At the forefront of those advancements is the Benjamin Rogue .357 caliber air rifle by Crosman. For land managers looking to to harvest varmints, predators, and even for deer hunting, the Benjamin Rogue offers a powerful yet quiet alternative to muzzle loaders or rifles. Hunters looking to harvest antler less deer on food plots, now have a better opportunity to take multiple deer during the same hunt because of the quieter shot from the Rogue.

We’ve successfully fired on animals at ranges up to 100 yards. The Benjamin Rogue is capable of firing a 175 grain bullet at more than 800 feet per second. Chuck prefers a 148 grain hollow point after testing a few different styles of bullets. His Rogue is sighted in at 80 yards which provides a slightly high point of impact at 40 yards and a few inches low at 100 yards. By adding a Mil-Dot scope and using a good rangefinder, the Rogue provides long range power for users who know their ballistics.

The final important features of the Benjamin Rogue are it’s 6 round clip and air capacity. The Rogue carries up to 3000 psi which allow the user to fire up to 13 shots of a 145 grain bullet rather than 1 or 2 from other air rifles. If the situation arises where multiple follow up shots are needed or more animals are present, the Rogue provides the shooter with the ability to take those shots.

Whether is varmints, predators, or deer hunting the Benjamin Rogue provides the versatility and firepower required for any situation.

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  2. CatholicCrossBearers

    Awesome video! Explained everything very well, especially why there is an advantage to using an air rifle over conventional in certain situations. Very good job!

  3. Benjamin is gonna offer this man a job after seeing this lol great job with this video man very informative and entertaining I live in south east Georgia near the okefenokee swamp and I will be purchasing this rifle!

  4. Realvato Realvato

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  5. Why did it take so long to recover that buck? There was plenty of light when you shot it, then pitch black when you found it?


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  8. How many shots per charge

  9. A better challenge is to cleanly kill a deer with a .177 air rifle. A headshot just behind the eye with a high-velocity Gamow Hunter or a heart shot will do the job.

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  12. did he just hit that deer in the leg?

  13. Chesty McStudmuffin

    Magazine, not clip.

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  15. Standing Goats Farm and Sanctuary

    About how many effective shots, for shooting deer, can you get out of one full air charge? I'm leaning towards purchasing the Roque for hog control…most of the pigs are in the 150 pound range, so I would guess it'd be almost equivalent to large mature whitetail deer. Enjoyed the video, great job on your part sir! Thank you and God bless you all!

  16. Wonderful video…thanks~

  17. I'm wantin' a Hatsan Carnivore .357 myself., I saw one with a wood stock I like.

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  22. do you need a license to ownthis rifle? since its pretty much just as deadly as a firearm with in 100 yard.

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    saya punya airgun pum merk sharp call 117/4,5 kurang mantap….

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  32. what kinda air rifle do you use

  33. Wow…that quiet gun makes my .177 sound like a canon going off!

  34. omegaweapon2008

    What happen to the rogue? They are discontinue. Bad rifle? I hear there was lots of problems with the Electronic on the rogue. Probably why they stop making them. And went with the bulldog.

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