DEER HUNTING 2013. 3rd and Final Weekend. The Hunt.

DEER HUNTING 2013. 3rd and Final Weekend. The Hunt.


Deer Hunting 2013, this was the final weekend of the MN firearms season and like usual the weather was cold and raw. Zachary was up to the tent this time and we did see some deer, not much hanging on the pole but we had a great time and then got the tent ready for the harsh upcoming Minnesota winter. Also a sneak peek at an upcoming winter workshop project.


  1. you already got a buck you could get two?

  2. Mmmm, never thought of cheese in French style green beans but what about bacon? Trust me, it isTasty!!!

  3. Wow the tent looks way different

  4. I don't hunt… So why do you go to you stand so early?

  5. Love the pork steaks!

  6. awww how can you shoot the dear. Those big dark eyes are so beautiful. She looked right up at you.

  7. Muito chato esses vídeos que fica matando os animais.

  8. WOW. you have life down to a tee ,Love the vids and your tent . you could not do this in England as there's no place with out people .

  9. Nice video btw

  10. Why do you guys bring sleeping bags out to the stand ?

  11. I love your videos…can't get enough!

  12. my name is Zachary

  13. Would love to do this with you guys . I'd be so appreciative

  14. What kind of camera do u use

  15. This kid is cool ! he smiles alot ! very positive

  16. I'm glad u didn't get a deer!! I hope u never do or anyone else who's a dedicated hunter like u! I mean that should tell u right there that u people have wipe them poor deers out of the face of this earth! Always killing them and killing the poor trees I hate anyone who does that! No wonder your wife left you!!!

  17. great video guys keep them coming.

  18. You videos are awesome. Enjoy you time out there. I miss the times my dad and I were able to go out. Your videos take me back to when he was still here. We also camped at at tent very similar to your but we called it the shack. It was a friend of his who had the shack. Good times.

  19. why didnt you shoot them

  20. Stripped Outdoors

    Can you tell me the specs on Th oven/stove top that you have in the cabin. I assume it s propane, would you recommend it, and where can I order it from?

  21. Really enjoy your videos, I try to get back every season to hunt, I'm in Washington State but hunt with the family, probably not too far from you, zone 180, NE of Duluth above Island Lake. Sort of gets me pumped for that long miserable drive. Thanks again. Oh, I'm a sucker for those big pork steaks too!

  22. Enjoy your video's JoeandZach looking forward to watching more.

  23. hey joe, how come you guys pass up doe when you have the tags for them?

  24. Very nice.  I can't think of any better family bonding time.  I enjoy your deer camp videos so much.  Please keep it up.

  25. Ford have good heating

  26. I like that you show hunting isn't always about the kill. Watching your videos is like a journey of your passion and skills. Very enjoyable and look forward to many more. Your accommodations and hunting grounds look top notch too.

  27. Is it state law that you have to wear the orange bibs? In Maine it's a vest and a hat.

  28. ever use a mcintosh apple to draw them in?……just eat it and leave the core on yer hat…i think the aroma is just what they are craving

  29. man you should have blasted that doe

  30. mronemanarmy1000

    do you own that place?

  31. Francois Couturier

    Oups got your bullet out of the gun a bit late there my friend….

  32. what is that pulled pork???  grocery store quick fix???  i need some of that STAT……fill me in joe 🙂

  33. is this public land or is it yours?


    Why didt u shoot one of those two does at the beginning of the vid ?

  35. Enjoyed the video. Felt your pain waking up and freezing in the stand. Gotta love it!

  36. Why do u and your whole family talk like your gay

  37. jonathan casbohm

    @treestand_trophies on Instagram

  38. Don't forget to build that buck pole! lol great vid btw! 🙂

  39. 12:18 I need a spoon for the peas. Hahahah

  40. Great video but u told us tht u didnt kill a deer ruined the suspense

  41. made alot of noise getting in to the woods all the talking you do in the car not out of the car, close the car door quietly don't slam the door shut quiet morning deer could hear everthing even your hart beat

  42. you should put your hunting cloths somewhere doesn't get food and camp sent deer smell everything

  43. thats a no no zack laying on your hunting cloths

  44. Foothills Readiness

    I have hunted here in western nc the past 2 days and nothing. The weather has been pretty nasty. 4+ inches of rain, ice and snow with high winds. Thanks for sharing your hunting trips. I makes me feel better for not getting anything. Our Rifle season is out the afternoon of new years day.

  45. Great time Joe! glad you got some time with the family!

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