deer hunting bad shot

deer hunting bad shot


i feel really bad for this guy


  1. Krišs Kursītis

    If he change shooting point after first shoot ,he takes that deer down.

  2. The Lone Valentine

    Y'all give the man a break his scope could have been bumped off

  3. been there done that . it sucks

  4. fightFIRE withICE

    What are you a girl or something

  5. fightFIRE withICE

    And that's why you zero in the scope before you go hunting… or the nerves got the best of him.

  6. Better to lucky than good eh buck

  7. fair play to him for having the balls to show this

  8. 1234usmarinecorpsify

    i love how the discription for this is "i feel really bad for this guy", no he just fucking sucks. even the deer was like "the fuck is he shooting at?"

  9. Buckfield_Outdoors

    wow this guys pretty bad today I shot a doe from 230 yards away and got a heart shot

  10. That scope must've been off to the left! lol should've compensated!

  11. Love it!!!

  12. Ray Cornelison

    Nice shooting, Elmer Fudd

  13. No respect for the animal. To go into the woods that unprepared is ridiculous. He shoots to the left three times too and never adjusts. What a fool.

  14. Fishing and Hunting Mid-Michigan

    he wasn't even close

  15. Omfg that is so funny hahahahahahaha

  16. Hahahahah

  17. And this is why you practice before you hunt

  18. it was so close that the scope do not need him to hit deer , this is stupid hunter or maybe blind 😀

  19. Connor Craftchick

    Maybe his scope wasn't zeroed in.

  20. I was hunting a rabbit awhile back like this, 3 near misses and he just kept looking around, Kinda felt bad but I had been hunting all day and didn't want to pass up the opportunity.

  21. If the guy was a good shooter, he better had eat the deer

  22. you know what the problem was? That damned deer kept moving

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