Deer Hunting BIGGEST Whitetail Buck KILL SHOT November 4 – HawgNSonsTV

Deer Hunting BIGGEST Whitetail Buck KILL SHOT November 4 – HawgNSonsTV


November 4 2009 Lake County Illinois 4:25pm. Wind SSE 2mph. 41 degrees. Cloudy light rain on & off , Barometer 30.23 falling, Fullmoon 97% of the Moon is Illuminated. Bow Hunting the Biggest Whitetail deer. This would be a day I will remember well for the rest of my life. I rattled the antlers at dawn & by 6:30am a big main frame 10 pointer with some sticker tines around the base came out of the corn field from the North, when I finally seen him he was standing looking at me 20 yards away, angle towards me. He had a stalk of corn hanging from his antlers and I thought it was a massive drop tine. He ran off to the South West through the slew bed where I see most of the deer travel. It was a quiet afternoon until I decided to try another rattling sequence at 4:20pm. Within 5 minutes the big main frame 12 pointer with the stickers on his G-2’s that I had videos of on October 9th appeared to the North along the corn field. He was smelling the James Valley dominant buck lure that I had circled the property with. He was looking at the deer decoy that I had set out to the NorthEast of my blind. His hair on his back was raised as he circled my blind and proceeded up the trail that I hade cut that run angled away from my blind from the corn field to the clover field with apple trees in the decoys direction. As this monster buck stepped into my shooting lane I released the arrow…….Captured ONLY on http://www.HawgNSonsTV.Com


  1. I know this is an older video but man, what a buck! Great job on the video as well.

  2. No blood on that arrow? You didn't even blood trail it, you walked straight to it.. lol


  4. I know this is old but BIG congrats on an AWESOME buck!! And REALLY REALLY cool you thanked your grandpa at the end of the video!!

  5. I don't know how to send personal messages on youtube. I'm not very good with technology. Would you still be willing to answer my question. Thanks.

  6. I'll try my best to tell you later! Send me a message please so i remember to reply! Headed to the woods now! Peace!

  7. Hey man, how do you have so much luck with deer hunting? I use camo, cover scents, deer urine, go hunting early on cold mornings with the full moon showing, etc. – but I can barely get a deer. I also follow deer trils and read a lot of hunting magazines, but my luck never gets any better.

    What should I do to improve and become a better hunter? Would it be a good idea for me to start hunting the thickets where it is just a bunch of very small trees 2 inches in diameter w/ honeysuckles?

  8. how arent u excited as all hell. like you are so calm. ik i would be jumpin head over heals for a buck tht big

  9. Awesome hunting video!

  10. @HawgNSonsTV Touche my friend.

  11. @dkmgm2011 … Thanks for the nice part! Tell me something … What do YOU think deer rattling should sound like? Do you think every deer fight sounds the same? Most of all … HOW MANY RECORD BOOK BUCKS DO YOU HAVE AND PASS UP EVERY YEAR?

  12. Nice buck. But I think you're going to need some new rattlin horns after all that mess. But hey, appearently it worked out for you.

  13. @TheTylersmith2011 … yes

  14. 14 point?

  15. @1788jacob … Thanks! Best of luck to you!

  16. Great vid and Awesome buck. Gets me pumped for this season!

  17. @187BOWHUNTER … lol … thanks buddy! I felt the same way!

  18. Beergut ur an idiot

  19. @HawgNSonsTV Just on how the day is

  20. @niggahigganum2 … It all depends. No set amount of time.

  21. How long do you usually rattle for in the rut and pre-rut?

  22. @Bowhunting133 … thanks!

  23. @Beergut007 … 184 gross nice try!

  24. that deer is not even in the 180's i would give him a gross score of 170, he has tall g2's and g3s but if you look at him while he is looking at you, then you can see he is only about 18 inches wide inside and his mass is good but not in the 180's and deffinitly not the 200 class

  25. @lungbuster22 … I LOVE the results! Spitfire 125's

  26. lol you think you can rattle hard enough?! man that is a rutted up buck right there. Awesome that basically just a big CRP field with agriculture around it? what broadhead were you using

  27. Excellent video. I don't know why I haven't seen it already.

  28. nice shot man. the blood spray was crazy as he took off.

  29. @kybower2164 … thanks, I have a NEW Pro Camera NOW Sony Z-5

  30. Wow!

  31. What an amazing MONSTER! Must be around the 200"!

  32. HondoTexasConnection

    Great Video and Buck 5 stars

  33. Now that's what I call Trophy Material!! Awesome Buck!! 5/5 & Congrads!! Ed

  34. AWESOME Buck!

  35. MONSTER Buck!

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