Deer Hunting: Doe with a slug gun

Deer Hunting: Doe with a slug gun


I film my buddy shooting a doe at 20 yds with a slug gun. Please check out our Channel, or look us up on Facebook @


  1. Why the scope at 10 yrds

  2. That Doe was very cute. But i hope it taste the same way he look like XD. Nice and clean shot!

  3. Cameron J Productions

    Nice doe, she will put a lot of meat in the freezer

  4. Lest u didn't gut shot it I tracked one for like 2 miles before someone shot at a hunting club one time shot it with a slug won't be long be time to go to the woods again happy hunting


  6. When you have one of these furry bastards total your car you learn a whole new respect for hunters.

  7. Chris And Amanda

    Hunting goes back to the dawn of man. Ignore the PETA snowflake socialists

  8. Everyone laughting anti hunters in comment section and allways when I check it I have to scroll atleast minute to even find one.

  9. Good shot, she put up a good fight.

  10. Nice hunt, waidmannsheil.

  11. They just killed a doe that’s completely illegal but go ahead fuck tards

  12. Billy Montgomery

    What weaon did you use? Nice shot

  13. Looks like a gut shot to me

  14. I hate watching deers get shot, but hogs i can watch them get mowed down all day

  15. Gregory St. Pierre Sr.

    Nice that's bout how far my 1st deer went-2nd didn't know I was there-dropped where he stood

  16. One possible reason the doe ran so far, the adrenaline rush.

  17. I'm surprised the slug didn't just drop her where she stood.

  18. When I hunt cats I use slugs.

  19. sizin ben ta kız bacinizi sikeyim orospu cocukları niye vuruyorsunuz açlıktan mı öldünüz fuckyou

  20. How on earth can that animal run that long with such a terrible wound?

  21. Pennsyltuckeyboy

    What crap ammo are you using? At 20 yards, with a hit like that, that deer should have flipped in mid air and never left the spot it was standing in.

  22. do you have any idea how many tree saplings that man saved by killing that deer ????

  23. What a feisty one. You landed such a beauty shot and it still ran a fair amount.

  24. So odd that a 12ga slug and a 5.56 kill them both about the same. Good video. What slug was used?

  25. at that distance I'm seriously surprised she was up for that long. and the shot placement was ideal as well from what I can tell. What happened?

  26. it looks to me that you have open sights as well as the scope on this gun. Can you tell me where to find the open sights?

  27. riddel me this why buy a slug gun when for the same price you can get a nice bolt action rifle that could shoot 226 or 308 or whatever they're is slot in that 500$ price range why waste money on a slug gun?

  28. You no your not post to kill does at of season

  29. Harlem139Convent1

    What kind of shotgun?

  30. What was he using a mossberg 500 ?

  31. Blue Collar Boys

    Opportunity not poetry lmao

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