Deer Hunting Excitement: Tagging An Oklahoma Buck! (#316)

Deer Hunting Excitement: Tagging An Oklahoma Buck! (#316)


Deer hunting with the team! 3 hunts in this video from Missouri to Oklahoma! In the first hunt, Grant has a hit list buck encounter (0:01 to 04:38), then the Oklahoma Pro Staff teams get on the board when Daniel arrows a doe (04:39 – 07:12). Brecca follows up and tags her first buck (07:12 – 14:21)! Catch the excitement then stay tuned for tips on predator trapping (14:21 – 16:28) and making a small food plot (16:28 – 18:27).
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  1. Prayers for your dad

  2. Judging from the Geography, I’d say the place they hunted in Oklahoma was NE of Okmulgee. Thick timber with scattered open fields, big bucks, and shallow hills. I could be completely wrong tho.

  3. I agree with catmans comment I've actually become a better deer hunter and learned a bunch about growing better food plots thank u growing deer

  4. does anyone know if badgers can be a threat to fawns and poults? I have a feeling that they shld be removed from the deer woods

  5. I've heard badgers can be a vicious animal

  6. The Outdoorsman

    Another great video. What kind of beans where those? They look like they attracted deer.

  7. Collin Lamglois

    My first deer I double lunged mine and hit his lever he was a nice 8 pointer

  8. I got a property a there's no turkeys on it do y'all think if I released turkeys they would live or should I wait and try to see if turkey come I have had the property for 6 years and 0 turkeys anyway I can get turkeys down there and stay?

  9. I think they need more sponsors…

  10. FishingupstateNY

    Is this a tv show as well or just youtube channel

  11. Landen Bowling

    Awesome videos. I love them. What kind of tree stand would u recommend for a teen? Climbing or ladder?

  12. RileyWestFishing

    What Model Rec-onyx Cameras do you use?

  13. What is a hit less buck?

  14. Tyler yezefski

    Hay Grant I have a question I've been wondering for ever how many deer does the hole growing deer squad kill a year.Including the kids +growingdeertv

  15. Dalton Jeffcoat

    You guys have great videos ,and they help me a bunch with Deer hunting and trapping.
    I was wondering what the best deer attractant is


    Nice Buck. Wish we had those kind of bucks around where I live. Im in South Carolina, on a 16 acre area of land. There are dirt bikes around, which make noise, but I am starting to think that they are getting used to it. I have only seen one decent buck this season, and it looked to be about a velvet 6 point. Do you have any tips for attracting in big bucks, and not so many does. Also do you think you could do a video on rattling and grunting in bucks. I have rattled with a flex tone battle bones, and have not seen a deer come to it yet. What is your opinion on rattling in bucks with the flex tone battle bones, and what is your opinion on grunting. BTW your videos have taught me a lot of things that I did not know about deer hunting, and has made me a more successful hunter.


  17. Hey Grant, praying for your father. My grandfather was also named Glen and loved the outdoors, though he wasn't a deer hunter. We are now pregnant with our fourth child and if it is a boy we will be naming him Glen. Nothing more inspiring about your show than watching you honor your Father. Thank you for setting so great an example.

  18. Talk Derby 2 Me

    deer grant, I am 16 years old and have been watching for 3 years now. youhave made an intrest of mine to get a job in the future working with whitetail. you are so knowledgeable about whitetail, what I learn from you I apply to my hunting strategys to be more successful. thanks for the awesome videos and Merry Christmas to you and your family. ps tell your dad that I said He needs to get better so he can be on another video.

  19. I know this is a random question but why does EHD from what I can see only kill bucks

  20. Catman Outdoors

    I swear I learn something useful from every video from Growing Deer TV.

  21. Umpqua-4 Freedom

    Do you think you have enough sponsors omg! it goes on and on right in the middle of the video. bad form, not into ads bro!

  22. Hi GrowingDeerTV, that was a very good video. Mr. Grant how is your dad doing. Is he doing better so that he can hunt too this year. Keep the Videos coming. I will try to hunt next year if i get the money to buy the licenses to hunt in louisiana. I take care of my mom is 80 years old and my nephew that is 34 year old but can not see very far and can not drive too. You and your Family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too.

  23. what is the average hight you set your stands ? doesn't look like much cover.

  24. Do you ever worry that the deer get scared of the animal in the trap?

  25. Amazing video!

  26. Love your guys videos. Been watching for awhile now. My question is why wouldn't you guys use a brush hog? To clear out that lil spot. What else could you plant in a woodland area? Besides clover?

  27. Grady Fitzwater

    Daniel holding the bow back for such a long time is proof why there is nothing better than Elite bows holding the Elites are like holding nothing at all.

  28. FALCONS_HUNTER hunter

    Eenjoyed the video growing deer

  29. And now she's hooked! congrats on the first deer and awesome video!

  30. Jeremy Beltran

    great vidieo keep up the good work

  31. Jeremy Beltran

    great vidieo keep up the good work

  32. Most people believe you need a larger caliber .270, 30-06, etc. to take down a deer. Ive been hunting with a youth model .243 for years and have never lost a deer to it! Its not about the round, its about shot placement. Awesome hunt, and awesome shot!

  33. Hi Grant,I'm a big fan of your vids we have 1200 acres in mans vile Louisiana and a ranch in jones vile Louisiana I'm a big fan and keep the good vids up!!!

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