Deer Hunting, Forked Cheater Mexico Mule Deer

Deer Hunting, Forked Cheater Mexico Mule Deer


Deer Hunting, Forked Cheater Mexico Mule Deer. In this episode of Epic Outdoors TV Jason Carter heads to Sonora Mexico to hunt Mule Deer. Jason takes along a friend, Adam Kearney, who also is hunting. Mexico provides the platform for a unique style of hunting in terrain that is tough to hunt. Habitat that is relatively flat and very thick makes spotting deer very difficult. The use of a high rack is very common in Mexico to meet the challenge of the thick brush. The high rack allows the hunter to see above the brush. On this hunt Jason uses a combination of spot and stalk and high rack hunting. To add to the hunt is a wonderful culture that can only be experienced in Mexico.


  1. Y’all have really good rapport. Everything about this video is awesome.

  2. Coleman Landers

    I may have missed it but who is the outfitter for this hunt series. Nice shooting. how long were those shots which hit?

  3. Red Moose Hunting

    Really enjoyed this video! Keep up the good work.

  4. Jamen Littlefield

    What a sweet dark horned buck! Love the character!

  5. i-VideoWildlife KellyCox

    Sweet hunt guys!

  6. Stud buck with awesome character. Super dark horns too! Great video!

  7. awesome buck!!

  8. Jason is a big buck killing machine! Awesome video!

  9. Why don't you have more subscribers!? You are my idol! Great job Jason!

  10. Freakin troll!!! Awesome character brother!

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