Deer Hunting in Snow in Pennsylvania S7 #48

Deer Hunting in Snow in Pennsylvania S7 #48


Who doesn’t love deer hunting in the snow? This week we go to Pennsylvania and Zach has a herd of deer run in on him and makes a great shot!

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  1. And a .. do a shot… And a… Every time.. and a. You hear… And a…. Wasted!

  2. that's awesome & tough to stay that persistent & it paid off, I had those years myself & it for sure is a blessing to get the opportunity to harvest a deer buck or doe,actually if u can hunt & return home safely wether u get a deer or not I've been blessed,well I wish u & ur staff more happy hunting & be safe

  3. Great job!

  4. Love hunting in snow

  5. What a cool video! Check Out our film Tradition!

  6. Twisted Tree Archery LLC

    Awesome video guys!! just subscribed if you wanna do the same!! bunch of PA boys starting to get some hunting footage!!

  7. Robert Godshall

    Three weeks of rifle???? in PA????

  8. Rut’n & Strut’n Outdoors 1

    not like nose jammer is illegal in PA or anything. No food based scents…Nose Jammer is vanilla


  10. Dude you nailed it… nothing would be possible without God. Thank you for thanking him.

  11. Tightlinenation

    I think we understand you own land at this point. So if I hunt someone else's land I guess I am a loser. Really gets tiring When every other word is MY LAND! The real pros like the Drurys. They say we are headed to the farm. We got X on the farm today. Not I got such and such on MY Land. Hunt YOUR OWN LAND. Good channel other wise. Can't watch it though.

  12. good deer hunt zack. good to have some meat on the table

  13. Love this hunt…

  14. 1 in the hand is worth 2 in the bush but why were they looking back

  15. Up In The Woods Today

    Cold hunting if never fun I set in a tree stand win it was 3 real feel -3 bowhunting I was frozen

  16. I have learned so much from watching your videos. I took your advice and got a spypoint xcel hd 2 and can't wait to start using it! Keep up the great work!

  17. FALCONS_HUNTER hunter

    Enjoyed the video THG Merry Christmas

  18. Do a video on how to hunt in the late season

  19. Working Class Outdoors

    congrats on the doe and thanks for another great video

  20. im up here in NE Pennsylvania and its been slow here too. not much moving anywhere

  21. loving the videos

  22. Merry Christmas bud. God bless you and your family. I hope to sneak in an evening bow hunt tomorrow, here in Ohio. Best wishes to you all.

  23. Wish we could get a snowy hunt

  24. Great video!! Congrats! And Merry Christmas!

  25. What does it take to be apart of your hunting grounds fieldstaff?

  26. And we have some family that doesn't hunt that would love some venison too.

  27. It would be mostly for population control and some more meat in the freezer would be nice.Thanks for replying so fast.You in the redneck today?

  28. Does it matter if does are shot?I don't think so but I have heard otherwise from another hunter.The deer population is very high here in Wisconsin.A lot of doe and buck even after a fair amount were shot during the bow and gun seasons.Even if the doe are bred and pregnant.Whats your opinion on this?

  29. Congrats Zach on the doe and breaking the string of bad luck, way to stick with it, Best of Luck always and thanks for sharing your videos.

  30. Kudos, to your deer, perseverance and especially to the Lord, thank you

  31. great hunt and a very nice deer. keep up the great work guys. I love your videos.

  32. Nice video! I have gotten 2 deer in my life a nice sized doe and a 6 point buck and I'm 13

  33. Congrats Zach! Way to stick with it!

  34. If you think that us cold here in Wisconsin we just had over a week and a half of highs of like 2 lows of like -15.-30 wind chills.

  35. great video

  36. Your show is awesome.Keep up the great work bud.

  37. 21 3/4 inch spread sorry.Wording error.

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