Deer Hunting Kickers: October Hunt at a Scrape Location (#468-Bonus)

Deer Hunting Kickers: October Hunt at a Scrape Location (#468-Bonus)


From A deer hunt that didn’t make it into the final episode. Here it is in a short video of an October hunt where Grant hunted a scrape location. This hunt brought a deer down and venison for the freezer! #deerhunting


  1. Good job on your deer harvest! Happy New Year!

  2. That was a good shot love your videos and your hunts thanks for the video

  3. maddox williams

    Sweet killlllll

  4. I REALLY like your choice of name for this extra video!!!

  5. The Walker Ranch

    A coyote will eat that fawn you messed up big time I thought this was growing deer tv not let’s let fawns die tv

  6. I don't shoot does with fawns.

  7. Thank you for the email response love the vids there amazing when your deployed and you want to watch good deer hunting with out all the vulgar in it … thank you and god bless

  8. Just curious if you have an age cutoff on does with fawns? For instinstance, if the fawn is still fairly young. And as a biologist do you believe that fawns are more likely to die later, because of the early separation?

  9. Nice doe

  10. Anthony Losurdo

    Looks like you’ve recovered pretty well from your surgery grant, that’s awesome to see.

  11. Awesome

  12. Backcountry Survivalists

    Great stuff Grant! Been watching your videos since the beginning. Decided to make my own hunting/survival channel.

  13. Awsome shot very humane

  14. I have not went hunting this week it’s been raining so much here in Alabama it sucks

  15. Sup bro

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