Deer Hunting; Late Season Craziness

Deer Hunting; Late Season Craziness


Ahead of the Game Outdoors’ staff Chase Adams self filmed a 2014-2015 late season bow hunt in Northeast Ohio. Check out this bowhunt in the snow! See tons of whitetail deer scavenging for food, and two bucks playfully sparring. January 2015. For more, LIKE US on Facebook, and Instagram @ahead_of_thegame.


  1. Haywood Jablowme

    Gay music couldn’t even finish the video

  2. Nice face paint douchebag lol

  3. Why didn’t you kill the buck with her

  4. Hunting over a hay pile?  Oh well I am just not a bait hunter.  I am a tracker.  And yes music sucked

  5. Nice mustache BOY!

  6. Boy that was deer hunting…

  7. This video has a bad case of music diarrhea

  8. Kodiak Farms Brian Hoadley

    Another great video ruined by music…….

  9. Buffalo international network BIN

    You like you do drugstores

  10. To me that buck was a shooter

  11. Awesome footage man thanks for sharing. Had to watch it on mute, music would have ruined the video. Deer hunting to me is quiet and peaceful.

  12. Great hunt, Great music…thnx

  13. Could have done without the music!! That's not what we hear when we're hunting!!!!

  14. There was no albino deer, just click bait ! But baiting seems to be this guys only “hunting skill”

  15. Had to turn volume down. Otherwise good video, not a fan of baiting, we aren't allowed in my state.

  16. Honestly.. does anyone know the names of these songs? They are pretty sick

  17. Fortnite Is better then you

    Shoot the buck you crazy

  18. ruined the video by putting music over the hunt.

  19. ruin a good vid by dubbing over with crap music. What do people do that?

  20. GMOutdoors With Dymee Wooten

    The music selection is horrible.

  21. cant enjoy with this shitty music

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