Deer Hunting Performance Test – Hevi-Shot HOG WILD

Deer Hunting Performance Test – Hevi-Shot HOG WILD


Come hunting with me again!

In a real-world hunting situation, I’m testing out Hevi-Shot’s HOG WILD zinc sphere duplex load.


  1. Ryans outdoors123

    If I had a 12 guage I would shoot those all the time

  2. if you are so worried about being ethical..why not use a rifle? or a slug gun?…

  3. Matthew Dickson

    Try slugs

  4. Great descriptive video. Nicely worded. But the eye poke has to go. In all, awesome video especially that shot on the Running Deer

  5. Still got the job done though even if it was a little high so don't so complan

  6. You should have used a full choke.

  7. Super Hank Outdoors

    Need more of these videos!

  8. Extremely professional. Keep em coming

  9. 2wheeled Demon

    That buck in the beginning would be a big no-no here in Texas. I really enjoy watching this channel and love the respect you have for the wildlife. Thank you for all the uploads.

  10. What choke do you use

  11. Just subscribe you channel is a joy to watch. The time and effort you put into to educate yourself and us is truly appreciated thank you so much.

  12. Grant The bow hunter

    It would appear you are shooting a mossberg 500.Are you not?

  13. Amazing Channel and content! God Bless

  14. Good hunt and thanks for sharing.

  15. Big Willy Haver

    You a Mossberg shotgun guy?

  16. That's some awesome shooting with just a bead sight and shotgun!!!

  17. Use to be a big hunter, and I know how to hunt, I just dont like to kill anymore and love to just enjoy nature. I respect hunters and know its needed and appreciate what they do to control population and feed their family. I dont know what changed me I guess the war . great videos keep up the good work…. Semper Fi


  19. Tim D'Angiolillo

    With that mossberg 500 use a buckkicker lite full choke with Winchester 3 inch 00 and you can shoot em 80 yards consistently on the run and fold em up no problem. I've killed quite a few at that range and further with mine.

  20. Lee Moore WoodsWalker

    Nice I am the same hunting for meat and using all parts of animals pelts meat antlers all used here and I to hate when I dont get a quick kill dont like seeing the suffering but it is nature

  21. I had my doubts about buck shot. In Wisconsin, we aren't allowed to use them for deer. I see now that it is perfectly ethical. I'll still abide by the state's law, but where it's legal I definitely want to give buckshot a try.

  22. Am going to experiment 10 gauge smokeless 2 7/8 inch shell. Will try duplicate this in 10 bore, two .69 caliber round ball divided wooden spacer.

  23. Bigfoot buckshot

  24. ponched it.. hope you rinsed it fast and well…

  25. Love your videos..

  26. I love watching your vids! It would be good to see you try 00 buck again but without a flight control wad, and a closer distance then the 55 yard of the other 00buck vid. Keep up the good work!

  27. Awesome , your stuff is more tuned to my area . thick boreal forest .and i have a long range rifle which is more tuned for your area. anyways i like your stuff

  28. Larry Alexander

    We always strive to be quick and humane in our harvest!! And if we don't feel someone sorry for death of our pray we would not be be a good sportsman good put this in us and we must always be thankful for what it brings us. Great video !

  29. Good gosh that double tap on the doe broke my heart.
    You are excellent at narration and storytelling x

  30. 2:04

    Ok THAT is a stupid dog…running infront of the muzzle like that o_0

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