Deer Hunting: Processing the Meat

Deer Hunting: Processing the Meat


This channel is devoted to helping novice and intermediate hunters and fishermen/women experience success in the field and in meal preparation. Our goal is to educate and entertain all who visit.


  1. The meat looks like it's rotting

  2. Jonathan Cheesman

    This is my first year hunting, and I'm doing everything solo. I would have so much more trouble learning everything without people like you, keep up the good work!

  3. Do you let the meet bleed out or go straight from the field to the freezer?

  4. So you don't remove the silverskin from the backstrap?

  5. Man you are informative, professional and just very well spoken. I love all your videos and I'm going to follow them exactly when I get my next deer.

  6. Brent Haffner 403.921.2494

    I love your videos. Appreciate you taking the time to make such good detailed how to's

  7. thank you for taking the time to show us your process.

  8. Very good video ,,,, what part of deer can I make beef jerkey ,,THAKS

  9. Are you a guide?

  10. another awesome vid, keep them coming please

  11. Sebastian Palomo

    Why doesn't he have clothes on?

  12. Bernardo O'Neill

    +field2feast I believe that at 1:45 the fat and lymph node/hormone gland you remove from the meat are actually tendons and the kneecap, previously connected to the bone by said tendons. These probably became detached from the knee as you cut the meat out of the bone. Just as a curiosity 🙂

  13. This should be on Food Network… Or Spike… Great show! Thanks!

  14. OMG I'm starving now! I gotta go get something to eat and I'll catch the rest of the vid tomorrow. ha

  15. Well done, this video was very helpful and well put together,  quality work. Thanks and God bless!

  16. Nicholas Nelson

    How long do you age your venison? I would truly appreciate your input on the ageing of venison, and I would love it if you you did a video on the subject. Thanks for all the videos you've already done.

  17. I just want to say thanks for putting these great videos up. You did a great job. I'm hoping to take my first deer this year, and I will be referring back to your videos as I field dress and butcher it myself. Thanks again. I really appreciate it.

  18. Hates butchers. Got his white table at a discount store. Chicago Cutlery Knifes…

  19. how many pounds of meat would you get with this process? Say for a 100 lb doe if you dont save the ribs?

  20. CheapSkateGaming

    id like to thank the makers of your sweet ass table……..

  21. Boozemaster1984

    You are as cool and calm as Bob Ross. Great video. Very helpful for a beginner like me can't wait to do this while watching this video again…

  22. Raptor Falco 48

    Excellent video I hope that you do a lot more I just picked up on your channel just a little while ago. Deer hunting techniques of yours would be cool. Shooting your bow accurately would be another one. Whatever you can come up with would be awesome thanks again.

  23. Joanne Vandegrift

    fantastic videos. your approach to and delivery of the information you share is very pleasant and easy to comprehend. thank you for providing us with this service. i agree that you would be wonderful TV host.

  24. By far some of the best videos on preparing venison. You certainly are a great educator. I would really enjoy seeing you have your own TV show. It would be way better than some of the pointless garbage on TV now. Thank you for the knowledge. Keep up the good work.

  25. Thank you so much for your time, these videos were exactly what I was looking for as a beginner hunter!! Seriously, I appreciate very much how you took the time to go through every step from the begging – pre hunt , & all the way to processing and even giving some cooking examples as well. Thank you, great videos!

  26. Thanks for the vids. I will be reviewing these again. Nice to see someone else who understands the capabilities on vinegar for sanitizing. another nice way to use it is to put your orange and lemon peels into a glass canister and pour vinegar on top. after a few weeks it makes a nice natural smelling cleaner. Thanks again.

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