Deer Hunting Recurve Bow Kill 2015 – Toth

Deer Hunting Recurve Bow Kill 2015 – Toth


Traditional Recurve Bow Hunting 2015. Follow Ryan Toth along with cameraman Shane Reed as they hunt for whitetail deer in Armstrong County Pa. Immediately a couple doe come running into range. Ryan waits for the doe to turn then make an excellent shot on the big doe. She didnt even realize what happened until it was too late and drops a short distance away. Ryan was using a Bob Lee Envy Recurve Bow with Gold tip Arrows and Magnus Stinger Broadheads.


  1. I.C.E Agent MAN

    fat doe dead fat doe just like I like em

  2. I.C.E Agent MAN

    fat doe dead fat doe just like I like em

  3. that's a quick bow you spent some time tuning it shows.

  4. what brand bow he used?

  5. Great post!   Not sure how I missed this one last Fall.  Thanks again for sharing the adventures, guys!   Been getting dialed back in with my BL Hunter since August 1.   Feeling that buzz for the opener on 9/24 over here in Ohio.   Best of luck to all y'all !  Hope to see more vids this Fall!

  6. deltabluesrookie

    Nice quiet bow and. great shot man

  7. ryan toth, you're awesome.

  8. Nice shot

  9. Might go deer hunting today or next week for my first deer hunt.

  10. Pittsburgh Outdoors

    Been waiting on a new video forever now! I know you guys have a lot of footage from rifle season starting up! first day of doe just happened too!

  11. I love your videos but I've been looking really forward to the rifle season vids and have checked everyday since Monday (opening day). Hope your getting some of them up soon.

  12. Any good beginning hunting bows,what lb draw was that at

  13. 4thQuarter Gaming

    Hope you guys are doing good this rifle season! I have recently got into the idea of mineral stations for a few pieces of land and wondered if there are any ways to put both body mass and also antler mass… any ideas and what do you plant in your food plot

  14. I love ur vids! im ur biggest fan! I can watch ur videos all day if possible! im also a hunter myself!

  15. You should do a video of all your guns/bows you guys use.

  16. are u gonna record for rifle season this year?

  17. Victor Sebastian

    I am so excited because i am going shotgun season this friday

  18. Great video as always keep slaying them

  19. You can hear a buck grunt around the 43 second mark right before she looks back behind her 🙂

  20. That's a damn good shot you had there, man

  21. A classic shot there-well done indeed.

  22. Good video guys and an even better shot on that doe with your Recurve!! Good luck the rest of the season!!

  23. ActiveDuty Trapper

    That was such a quiet kill bow made no noise and the doe barely reacted awesome video

  24. beautiful shot placement and just look at that highway 🙂 gotta love Magnus. cheers and congrats.

  25. Nice shot. I had a 120" 8 point at 25 yards today but I got busted by a doe drawing back and off they went. I hunt up in 3c

  26. Windwalker's Outdoor Channel

    Another great video from the Leatherwood crew

  27. Great video, I really enjoy your recurve hunting videos

  28. Jonathan Boerema

    Great as always keep it up! opening day in MI gun season in the morning!

  29. Nice shot young fellla, from one Toth to another…

  30. nice shot placement there. Great video and it shows how much blood can be produced from a 2 blade broadhead. very easy blood trail to follow.

  31. After yall kill a deer in a certain stand, how long do yall wait to hunt that same stand again?

  32. Congrats keep up the awesome video

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