Deer Hunting, Robby Gilbert kills a PA rifle buck.

Deer Hunting, Robby Gilbert kills a PA rifle buck.


Outdoor Insights Prostaff Member, Robby Gilbert, kills a good buck on the last day of rifle season in his home state of Pennsylvania. Check us out on Facebook and see what we are up to daily! Search for Outdoor Insights’ Game On.



  1. bullet proof piggy

    This guy sucks he does not k ow how to hunt he took to shots at a Dee with a bolt rifle really wtf and he freaking killed a small deer

  2. Gonna be tuff killing a really good buck if y'all continue to take them little ones.  Just saying.  Regards.

  3. Nice PA Buck! Congrats!

  4. midatlanticcycle

    damn nice buck, son. congrats!

  5. Good hunt what Rifle did you use ?

  6. Very nice deer and a good video too . Thank you for sharing it with us . What rifle did you use ? I found an old hunting magazine last night that talked about how this guy killed a mule deer at 610 yards with a .243, I would have never thought you could do that with a small bullet like that . I hope Everyone has a Safe but Good Hunting Season this year .

  7. 1. That's a small deer 2. You need to learn how to video and 3. Learn to spit like a normal fucking human being

  8. Your supposed to hit him in the vitals wich he did and you waste more meat with a neck shot

  9. Lively Legz/Living4theoutdoors

    Wow am I suprised to see the negative things being said. I know how hard it is to shoot a self filmed deer. It's not easy so I tip my hat to you and anyone willing to try no matter what the size of the antlers may be. Great video, thanks for sharing.

  10. @PAredneck84 uh actually thats good for pa

  11. Nice

  12. Hey Dood – This is great Video. As a hunter I love a clean kill. well done.

  13. He certainly acted like the first shot hit him as well. As I'm learning rather quickly, getting a deer on camera is no small feat!

  14. what alot of people on here commenting dont relize is that here in Pa, the buck arnt huge like other states, sure there are alot of monsters around, but this buck he shot is typical size for this state, stop hating on him for shooting it, id like to see you hunt pa and get a 12 point…until then shut your mouth

  15. @gmhd67 if you were a hunter you would be out doing it instead of sitting home in your underwear criticizing others.

  16. Laser Wood Shapes

    @combatarms456 It's been a couple of months since your comment, how did your hunting season go? Did you see any deer? Did you get one?

  17. you could have made perfect neck shot and dropped him in his tracks but instead you body shoot, screw up your meat, let him run off, then pump another one into him…a pro,, your are not ! sorry

  18. @shedhuntnboy You are a fucking faggot. Not everybody has all the time in the world to spend on hunting and worry about the antler size of a deer. Its not the antler size that makes a trophy its the experience and memories made so fuck you!

  19. Im a 13 year old kid and this weekend is going to be my first hunt.Im going for youth gun season.

  20. hunting is fun. does not matter if you shoot a small spike or a large 10 point, each deer is special to the hunter shoots it……memories is what counts.

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