Deer Hunting: The Perfect Heart Shot II With A Stryker Crossbow

Deer Hunting: The Perfect Heart Shot II With A Stryker Crossbow


2012 NJ winter bow season, doe harvest donated to Hunters Helping The Hungry. Very quick and ethical harvest.


  1. Permintaan panah pas di kepala mati atau tidak

  2. Nice shot

  3. The cowardly sniper sets his bait and waits for the ferocious deer to come near..

  4. javier zertuche

    Awesome crossbow!>>> This thing is VERY accurate out to 60 yards. Only downside I can find is that it shoots a little loud but I think you can fix that with limb dampeners. I also put on a Magpul stock and that seemed to quiet it down some too.

  5. Vetvičku na vstrel, posledný hryz…nič, fotka zvieraťa pohodeného na betóne pri kanaáli. Americký lov je barbarský hnus.

  6. hmm   corn on the ground

  7. Did you satisfy your bloodlust for the day shooting that fawn.

  8. animals are not any stuff for human`s game like ball

  9. Shafatins Arashu

    These people doesn’t realize without these animals, their great great great great grandmother won’t get any food back in the B.C.!

  10. She's pretty. Were it me, I might've let her go.

  11. Damn man could you possibly have shot anything any smaller, yeah maybe a new born.
    Hell at least shoot a 2 year old or older.

  12. I don't really like to see people hunt on deers, but it's still a thing. Nice crossbow but I would rather like to shoot Turkeys with it.

  13. This is a very young Exemplar why?today kill young animal tomorrov human,maybe african,or,mexican,maybe jews or Moslems jeah that is real American Dream.jeah i give 10 point s for you

  14. Love it when you hunt the meat you eat. it just tastes different. ummmhmmm


    the only unhumane thing is poachers. hunting is a sport there are rules and regulations to hunting so everyone needs to chill out

  16. Gerhard Lustenberger


  17. Stupid man

  18. Great shot. Was that a Spitfire broadhead? Thats one that I have used with good results. Also good video and nice of you to Doenate your meat to the hungry ,good job.

  19. Hijo de puta: Ojala te maten de la misma forma. Si querés cazar dale oportunidad de defensa al animal.

  20. Little button buck. Why??

  21. William Anderson

    Small deer big deer they all eat the same

  22. Enter the Dragon

    I get it I'm a hunter that was a Fawn and I would not have shot her

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