Deer Hunting the Rut in Missouri

Deer Hunting the Rut in Missouri


In the final Fall 2013 episode of The 15-Yard Files, Cally Morris is bowhunting with his buddy Paul Bogart during the early part of the Missouri Rut. A mock scrape is set near one of Cally’s favorite stands, and it works to pull a beauty of a buck into easy bow range.


  1. You are Week

  2. Noelia Calderon

    Milan mo is the place to hunt

  3. Chris Collins

    anyone know the name of the song at the end of this video

  4. Hey guys, I'm a reporter for KOMU 8 in Columbia. I was wondering if I could have your permission to use some of this video in my report on deer hunting rules? I would of course give you credit.

  5. Go to the Ozarks and hunt the deep woods like a man.

  6. Correy Adkins

    Nice Buck! Guessing 140 class or so?

  7. Why'd he shoot the small buck, he should've let it grow a few years it'd be a fucking monster then

  8. XxChief_KloudxX

    That's a good old buck right there!

  9. man im getting a bow soon to do bow hunting in ohio and i love these videos they are fun to watch and helpful so if anyone got any tips for me let me know

  10. I live near Kansas City…anybody know any good hunting areas?

  11. Have to enjoy Missouri deer hunting..

  12. Doctortomsvideos

    Some constructive criticism.  Every video of a successful bow hunt should show the blood trail, the entry wound and exit wound.  Even if it is a few seconds on each. 

  13. Missouri! Going turkey hunting in season!

  14. TheSniper1918


  15. Combat Archery

    state line…kansas

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