Deer hunting with DPMS Sporticle 308 (2012)

Deer hunting with DPMS Sporticle 308 (2012)


We shoot a Whitetail Doe with our new 308 DPMS Sporticle. We used a Hornady 150 grain Interlock. We capture the entire thing on film.
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  1. Absolutely perfect shot. The high shoulder shot drops em dead right there every time. No tracking, ethical and humane. Job well done.

  2. new question would you prefer the 16 inch or the 18 for hunting/ shtf

  3. what is your barrel length I wanna get a lr 308 for shtf and hunting but I'm torn between an 18 inch and 16

  4. Nice shot and Nice dpms ar 10 I have that exact same one I just got it and can't wait to go hog hunting but I need a decent optic…any budget recommendations ?

  5. Those rifles are junk

  6. Nice, humane shot!  Right through the heart and dropped her immediately.  Couldn't ask for better shot placement!  🙂

  7. did this shot hit the spine?

  8. There ya go… lol . nice shot.

  9. Nice! Who says AR's have no use past killing people? Looks like it got a nice deer right there!

  10. My Life - Your Entertainment

    Anyone know what version of simple man this video opened with?

  11. Damn nice shot! She went down like a sack of potatoes.

  12. Here in Nebraska you could use this same rifle but you would need to make sure you are only running a 5 round magazine.

  13. I can shoot with a .308 in wisconsin

  14. Where do you live that you can hunt with a semi? I need to move there.

  15. I just bought that gun and am anxious to harvest a deer with it.

  16. hell yea hornady for the win, i use the 168 grain z max's in mine and i love them, they are a little more accurate and deadly then the interlocks but the interlocks outperform everyone elses ammo, also anybody says federal is better they are wrong because the federal premiums is loaded by hornady.

  17. nice shooting awesome firearm great chambering

  18. Thinking about buying one and doing the same.

  19. why not A bigger GR like a 168 or 170???

  20. Good shot! Nice rifle.

  21. You guys are doing some hunting…3 deer this season? Well done.

  22. Whoah! an AR-10 that works. lol
    Good video guys.

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