Deer hunting with Falcon

Deer hunting with Falcon



  1. This. Actually. Blew. My. Mind.

  2. Spiritpoweredinternet

    the falcon just rips it's genitals apart holy fuck that is so metal.

  3. Thats not a falcon thats an eagle. Falcons are way smaller.

  4. killua zolodyck

    because they're white people no one here is complaining about it .. at the same time on another video for arabs using a cheetah for the same purpose the whole comment section was all about " look at those cruel arabs ! " fu$&#$ idiot's

  5. حسين الحوثي

    Eagle not falcon

  6. Dr. Peyton Westlake

    it's not falcon it's àn eagle

  7. respect from Turkey.

  8. this is scary, if birds can kill deer that can also kill humans.

  9. midas nightmare

    huh and hear i thought bow and arrow where the best way for deer hunt
    MOM CAN WE BUY 2 FALCONS pleauseeee

  10. RatherDie AHero

    These are hawks

  11. Bryan Severson

    Even when an animal takes another animal the tree huggers blame hunters lol. I love it.

  12. Holy shit.

  13. It's a golden eagle the video says that

  14. I'm naming my falcon xerxes

    Family Guy reference

  15. Shoaib Kirmani

    Savages enjoying their game….and all the shitheads are wondering which eagle it is….shame on u guys.

  16. It is a golden eagle not falcon

  17. That he got to be an eagle. Looks to big to be a falcon



  19. I can see why Nobles in the old days liked this sport. this is AWSOME!

  20. What species of eagle is this. It looks like a golden eagle but I'm not too sure.

  21. Amanda Little

    Amazing! What type of bird is this?

  22. best hunting ever..this falcon was good

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