Do it Yourself Motion Duck Decoy Jerkline for Waterfowl Hunting

Do it Yourself Motion Duck Decoy Jerkline for Waterfowl Hunting


This DIY motion duck decoy project jerkline will really add some life to your duck hunting waterfowl spread! It’s easy to make and only cost us about $20 plus a few decoys and a weight we had laying around!!


  1. I just read Charles Brewer's comment on having seen one of these for sale. Before I read it I was gonna suggest you guys patent this idea. I like how natural the side by side ducks look as opposed to a straight line jerk rig. I believe you have a money maker on your hands

  2. They're hardly fuckin movin… this is supposed to be a JERK RIG

  3. So as my luck woukd have it.. none of the hardware stores where I live sell bungee without the hooks

  4. Pure One Outdoors

    Great idea. I like this better than the traditional single line jerk rig.

  5. Great video. I saw a more expensive version of this idea for sale and thought, I can make that myself for dirt cheap. So I typed in DIY Decoy Spreader and your video popped up. Basically the exact concept that I had. I will do a couple of things differently but that is just personal preference. No knock on your rig. I hunt in saltwater at times so I'll probably use something other than shower curtain clips. I'll probably just go with fishing swivel clips that are designed for that. And instead of fishing string I'll probably just use some black twine/decoy rigging string. I loved your video and glad to see that my idea will work!!!

  6. Great video! I'm getting back into duck hunting the big water (Green Bay, WI). I don't have a lot of extra cash to buy the real fancy stuff. This can help me out a lot. Looking forward to more of your ideas!

  7. Hey guys I made one and used the rig and I love it and made a second

  8. Gives the decoys good life like movement.

  9. Great minds changing the way we hunt today! Great video.

  10. Nice video! Help me a lot.

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