Driven Wild boar and Deer Hunting in Zmigrod – Poland – GoPro Action

Driven Wild boar and Deer Hunting in Zmigrod – Poland – GoPro Action


Used rifle setup:
Blaser R93
Zeiss 1.1-4×24 Illuminated Red Dot
Lapua 9,3x62mm Naturalis 14,3g bullet
GoPro Hero 5 Session (forward) and GoPro Hero Session (backwards) w/ GoPro Gun / Rod / Bow Mount

All animals that were shot at in this movie was later found and taken care of. In total: 10 wild boars and 1 red deer. The hunting team did in total put down 33 wild boars, 12 red deer and 4 fallow deer within tree days. Deer with stags were associated with heavy additional fees.


  1. andreas schaelchli

    Shame on you suckerboy!!

  2. 2.16 – target 2 boars and 2 people?
    Who taught you to shoot?

  3. Neben dem möchte ich nicht stehen. Das ist ja lebensgefährlich wie der in Richtung Mitjäger schießt oder durch die Schützenlinie durchzieht

  4. Na, ja so richtig gut getroffen hat er die meisten nicht, wenn ich für jede Sau 3 Schüsse brauche dann ist da auch viel Gulasch dabei.

  5. nicolai emil schulin-Howaldt

    jeg har send dig en pm på facebook

  6. Huntin' with Hattaway

    Man that looks like a good time! We use dogs to hunt deer here in the deep southern United States. I've got some kills on my channel you at enjoy. Either way I enjoyed your video!

  7. Nice shooting, nice Blaser, what caliber are you using mate?

  8. Simon Sussemiehl

    Nice Video! What Go Pro mount do u use?

  9. bra skjutit 🙂 bra film 🙂 haha bra att du inte slutade skjuta efter att du spräckte ögonbrynet

  10. Nice shooting 🙂 Wmh

  11. Radovan Abramovic

    I feel the pain from riflescope! 🙂 Good shooting! 🙂

  12. LUPUS Hunting in Poland

    perfect shooting, cangratulations 🙂 consider comming with Your group on a drivenhunting or individually with

  13. Diogo O. Sousa

    Minute 2:16 is a really dangerous shot! People on the other side man!!

  14. vad kostade kalaset?

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