Drone Hunting Battle | Dude Perfect

Drone Hunting Battle | Dude Perfect


It’s time to hunt some drones!
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  1. Team ty

  2. Battle

  3. Drone huneing

  4. Chavdar Todorov

    Rage monster

  5. Trọng Trí Nguyễn

    Trẻ em vn dell có chơi

  6. A funny ending

  7. I don't know we is Coby and who the heck is cody

  8. NathanNeoMaster Gatdula

    I really like the twins and panda and the beard guy

  9. Tyler won

  10. Purple hoser is my favourite

  11. Brayden Leonard

    Teme tau

  12. Team Cody and try

  13. 1:36 instant karma

  14. Team coby

  15. Team Cory

  16. About Coby, he’s horrible at archery.
    Cody flies his drone and gets 1 spotted by Coby

  17. Baseball Cory

  18. Need another one of these

  19. noob is the champion noob

    Tyler is the winer give him the trophy

  20. noob is the champion noob

    Tyler go

  21. Nicksterv Hater

    You know the drill

    2: Cody
    3: Cory
    4: Panda
    5: Tyler
    6: Garret
    7: Team coby
    8: Team Cody
    9: Jeff (from drone racing battle)
    0: Liam (from drone racing battle)

  22. Do an archery battle on a really slippery floor

  23. Do a sling shot battle

  24. Team Cory for the win boy

  25. Can coby please win onse

  26. Ty won that he should get the trophy.

  27. Alyssa Stockwell

    Team Cory

  28. Charles Schule, jr

    Go ty

  29. Wow only Dude Perfect would have a video doing something like this lol we actually just found TWO DRONES still in the boxes! In the TRASH! What!? We crashed it into a tree though.. accidents happen.?

  30. My favorite
    Tyler 8/10
    Gary 5/10
    Coby 7/10
    Cory 6/10
    Cody 1/10

  31. Please make a video on Cow Boys fight.

  32. Cody get rext

  33. Stratosphere OneSoulzz

    Team Cody

  34. They shouldn't have split the trophy because it's like saying that Cory knocked down 3 drones

  35. Cory win

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