duck hunt

duck hunt


duck hunt for the NES circa 1984!


  1. Wabbit season!

  2. Suherman Sueb

    Now available on PC version which based on NES emulator

  3. Nintendo needs to add the arcade version of this game to the Switch Arcade Archives.

  4. Found this on google play store. Same game play reminder of old days 🙂

  5. The Beach Guy

    Let’s be honest. Most people probably would have never owned Duck Hunt if it didn’t come with Super Mario Bros.

    That said, it is one of the best Zapper games along with Hogan’s Alley and possibly Wild Gunman. Maybe Barker Bill’s Trick Shooting too. (Actually, all those other games I mentioned are probably better than Duck Hunt.)

    But how often did you sit around playing games with a Zapper? Daily?

  6. When the birds are gone away then the dog was laughing or crying

  7. who else tried to rage shoot the dog when he constantly mocked u?

  8. RIP Left Ear .

  9. I still remember playing this game. I can't really remember how far I got in it, but I do remember hating that damned dog.

  10. Golf Course NES

  11. Kaan Reflex Machine Çakıcı

    2018 Hahahah

  12. puppycorn2431iamDgamer

    Dude is this guy dead he has not posted in over 2 years

  13. Panda lover 333

    now this reminds me of duck seasons

  14. I remember this game, so much fun, so many good memories

  15. BOOMer Shorter

    You guys.. Duck season… Is a duck hunt HORROR GAME

  16. Valarina Nelson

    Good Old Memories

  17. This game is better than DUCK SEASON

  18. Class

  19. one of the oldest videos on youtube for one of the oldest NES games

  20. Aaron Corporation

    Little did Nintendo know years later this would be a horror game

  21. Brush he should pewdipie he posted this 11 years ago and pewdiepies lowest is 7 years ago

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