Duck hunt 2018 | River Wood Ducks

Duck hunt 2018 | River Wood Ducks


Waterfowl Hunt 2018. We Love Duck Hunting and Goose Hunting. Fore more Videos Subscribe to our channel.

Cameras- GoPro Hero 5, GoPro hero 3.

Location- Central Oklahoma



  1. What type of decoys should I use wood duck hunting

  2. I’m going in the morning to float the river I live i
    On. Were you on public or private land. And what’s the secret to your set up??!!!! Thanks

  3. all before shooting time

  4. i went wood duck hunting on thanksgiving day and did not kill anything but one killed its self and we saw 263 wood ducks and 5 mallards but killed one koot

  5. Jesse Stanfield

    I bet those geese looked like jumbo jets after shooting at woodies. lol. nice hunt!

  6. Lock Five Outdoors

    nice engine! xD

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