Duck Hunt Challenge | 2018 QB Challenge | Ep. 10

Duck Hunt Challenge | 2018 QB Challenge | Ep. 10


The crew relives a childhood Nintendo game “Duck Hunt” as Drew Bees, Taysom Hill, Tom Savage and JT Barrett are joined by a young Saints fan named Mikayela Billiot in the latest QB Challenge!

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  1. Chauncy Gilmore

    Atari was my first console, damn I feel older now .

  2. McKayla is looking pretty swole. What does she bench?

  3. Tecumseh Worley

    Got to love Drew Brees man all about the kids

  4. I used to want to shoot the dog for, laughing when I missed.

  5. I just got my Nintendo semi working a couple days ago. What a crazy coincidence.

  6. that was beautiful

  7. We Are The Who Dat Nation

    WHODAT !!!

  8. Can i watch you guys play in Super Bowl 53?

  9. I love these things lol

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