Duck Hunt Gamemode In Fortnite! – Fortnite Battle Royale

Duck Hunt Gamemode In Fortnite! – Fortnite Battle Royale


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  1. Bro 12:40 I’m dead

  2. Jeremiah Renteria

    This isn’t gmod deathrun. That includes traps not snipers. This is halo duck hunt in private matches on halo reach. Know your shit

  3. Please do a Fortnite vid but do a hide and seek you make it up

  4. Marcel sucks at sniping

  5. stomertrooper plays

    That outro tho

  6. Halarious

  7. Ty[rese] The Killer

    15:23 for some reason, when Terroriser flips out from the USB, I always replay it

  8. Taylor Brownlie

    How do you do that where you danced loads of times without going in to the menu and picking one at a time

  9. I don't always watch fornite videos but when I do I watch fortnite death run.

  10. I love how narrowly Brian dodged that bullet by doing the splits in midair.

  11. You know he stole the thumbnail when it says death run but his title says duck hunt

  12. Connor Voorhees

    Hate crime

  13. Who were in the vid

  14. 0:57 cue the GTA music

  15. Giovanni Macias

    You should play with lazzerbeam

  16. You shot me in the gumdrop button!!!!!! Lol

  17. When you miss Gmod but you dont want to play it

  18. OMG why is there a ton of swearing at the very start?? I thought you didn't swear and now my parents are mad 🙁

  19. Marcel didnt fucking sprint

  20. Not the gumdrop button

  21. B-doge68 fortnite clips


  22. Painful noise exploration opportunity unlikely strengthen burn advertising inventory heavy

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