Duck Hunt NES

Duck Hunt NES


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This is also a request from a fellow youtuber. I just do the first 5 stages, as it doesn’t change throughout the rest of the game. A fun game, gotta love the NES zapper.


  1. Bernardo Kariodimedjo

    Please tell me that I wasn't the only one as a kid to bring the gun right up on the tv screen….

  2. lol in my country in that times you could buy sega mega drive 2. ofc it was NES clone. with all this games … geez i wish my dad didn't toss it :/

  3. They should make this game for the Android…lol that I'll b cool

  4. You know what's missing on the NES classic edition? This.

  5. christopher optimus prime

    A man and his water dog maybe even a little hunting or fishing better than being Mario anyways

  6. I remember this game! I even had the plastic orange looking gun too. ah this was my childhood

  7. Furby Gaming 125

    Why isn’t it working

  8. I got perfect but then that dog laughing at me

  9. Kill the dog

  10. Solicited ant 3


  11. Played this game when i was only 3 i miss this

  12. jared block gamer

    Play duck season

  13. Men i miss my NES console

  14. Reading all the comments just goes to show that this game spoke to an entire generation. The best part was the dog laughing when you missed both ducks XD

  15. Stjepan Kokanovic

    I had this console and cant find it…

  16. observing citizen

    I live and remember this as a giant party of my early childhood

  17. hockeymichael 09

    I had this game but my mom had to cut the wire to the gun because I would wrap it around my neck…

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