Duck Hunt Vs ZSS – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gameplay

Duck Hunt Vs ZSS – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gameplay


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Duck Hunt Vs ZSS – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gameplay


  1. Very meh. If samus wasn't shit you'd lose

  2. Keilani Terrell

    Are you playing against a CPU or, a friend?

  3. •••Remix•••

    why cant the victory screen just say duckhunt omg lol

  4. This wanna gonna be my main from the day I found out. DUCK HUNT TOO OP

  5. I seriously hate this gameplay

  6. Andres E. Gomez M.

    Duck Hunt was probably the least expected fighter to get a new voice

  7. Is the audio off?

  8. Duck hunt has a voice!

  9. TheLibertarianKid

    im a duck hunt main so this makes me happy

  10. Is it bad that I was a Duck Hunt main on smash 4?

  11. Aaahh, the Duck got buffed. Everyone online, be afraid, be very afraid

  12. Brinstar's acid retracts more quickly now. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

  13. BODGMaster OBST3R98

    Nair stays for longer… I hope zero or Mew2King will do a breakdown on DHD. Projectiles are faster, but nB is floatier.

  14. that ultimate smash though

  15. Geddy Wenzinger

    Forward smash killed at 65%, barely charged. Hallelujah

  16. O duck hunt was a trio. The dog the bird and the gun shooter

  17. Blake: The Nerd

    Now I’m even more stoked to main Duck Hunt in Ultimate after seeing this! SO MANY AMAZING BUFFS HE HAS EARNED IT! 😀

  18. I sawed this boat in half

    They have a fucking voice now, that's amazing

  19. he bork

  20. Ah, yes. The first, last, and only footage of Duck Hunt we will ever get until the game's release.

  21. Is no one going to mention that some characters have their victory themes sped up/cut parts out to make it faster? Duck Hunt's victory theme is one of them.

  22. Nintendolympics


  23. Duck hunt has a voice

  24. Why did they have to change his cans

  25. maximiliamo ruiz

    Cam someone help me ? I’ve been trying to find gameplay of palutena to see how she looks in the game , but I found nothing

  26. Holy shit dhd has a voice now

  27. They brought back Duck Hunt victory theme again.

  28. where’d this come from?

  29. From where is this recorded? Thats dutch in the top of the video, so is this somewhere in NL?

  30. Finally we see duck hunts final smash in ultimate

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